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Win a Box of Oja Cigars, Take A Cigar For A Walk with Partagas, Macanudo and Fuente

Last Friday my hosting provider had something go horribly wrong which resulted in all of my comments disappearing, not being able to leave any comments, and several other strange anomalies. In light of the fact that no one was able to leave any comments and enter the current contest, I’m extending the deadline to Saturday, July 9 at Midnight.  So go back to the contest posted on Father’s Day (here) and leave a comment with a link to a nice, patriotic picture to enter.  I really want to have to wade through a ton of entries, so get to it!  There are already two excellent entries. If you have trouble posting a pic someplace just e-mail it to me and I’ll make it work.  This is a great box of cigars, at least I think so.


On the Take A Cigar For A Walk (TACFAW) front, I’ve been hitting the pavement in training for my trip to Vegas for the IPCPR show, which, I’m proud to say, I will be attending as an Internet Media Member of the IPCPR.  It’s going to be a grueling experience, but I hope to provide my readers with a glimpse into the goings on of the trade show.  It’s amazing the lengths I’ll go to try to give you some interesting reason to visit!



I grabbed a Partagas Benji Menendez to start the week.  I had been looking at this one for over a year, it came from a bunch of cigars Jaso of Rock’s Smoke Shop sent me from the 2009 Trade Show.  It was a very nice cigar, well made and well balanced. It was like a refined version of the Partagas line, very smooth and tasty.



Next up was a Macanudo Crü Royale, which I was given at the show last year.  This was another one which I looked forward to smoking. It is, in fact, I Macanudo with some strength, not unlike the 1968.  Now, the first premium cigar I ever really tried was a Macando and it made me wonder what the big deal with “real” cigars was, but I have appreciated what most consider the mild and flavorless Macanudos in the past.  I appreciate the mellow subtleties of the Connecticut shade wrapper from time to time.  The Crü Royale is a very different beast, and really delighted me with it’s fuller body.  A must try.



Tonight I treated myself to a very old Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 3, which is a tasty corona.  I love the Cameroonieness in these, and while my experiences with Don Carlos are few and far between, there have been some memorable moments shared with cigars from this line. I’m reminded of a slots tournament in Vegas in 1997 at the first big herf I attended where I went out not knowing a soul and made some life-long friends, lost my $20 pretty quick, but enjoyed the heck out of a DC Robusto. Another tome I remember meeting a friend from out of town in Philly, sharing some of the first Presidente size when they came out, and running into some other friends and smoking the evening away.  Amazing how a cigar can evoke such memories of a decade or more ago.



That’s it for now, enter the contest, and take a cigar for a walk if you get a chance!


Until the next time,




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