General Cigars Week, a Macanudo, IPCPR Booth Tours and a Contest!

First off I’d like to thank and welcome Bonita Smoke Shop, our newest advertiser! Please give them a visit, either if you’re in Bonita Springs, FL, or by clicking on the graphic on the right! Nice folks with a great selection who were among the first shops with an internet presence back in the wild west days of the ’90s!


We left off having smoked a series of CAO cigars, and, since CAO is now part of General Cigar, I figured I’d wrap up the week with some more General products and a contest!  In an unrelated note, I had been approached some time ago by the marketing folks for a jazz artist named Anders Holst to review his CD, but it seems like I procrastinated and reviews have appeared on several other blog sites.  I don’t want to be repetitive, so check out Barry’s interview and review at  I was going to try to tie it in with a review, but decided it’s been done, so thanks to Anders and the folks at his PR company for thinking of me.


The other evening I enjoyed a Macanudo 1968 Robusto again, I punched this one and the draw was excellent. I have really been digging these lately. A good friend related a story to me that when these were initially released he offered them unbanded, in a Havana cigar box, at an event and people thought they were Cuban. I don’t know about all that, and the power of suggestion can’t be discounted, but I really don’t draw a comparison. That’s not to say the Mac 68 isn’t a fine cigar, it is. It’s well made and very tasty. Since they lowered the price on these a few months back, it’s even a better cigar.


Saturday brought a migraine, which I tried to sleep off in anticipation of visiting a hookah and cigar lounge that’s opened in West Chester, PA (which is a few miles up the road from us). They are supposed to have a belly dancer on Friday and Saturday nights, and we’ve been trying to get there for a smoke. I’ve never tried the hookah, but I’m not repulsed by it and they do include cigars in the name of the place, so I’m open to try it out. I also was going to drive out to Lancaster PA to a cigar shop to meet up with a few folks, notably some of the guys from In the end, the migraine, along with my wife getting home from a business event later than anticipated, won the battle and we stayed in.


While I’m thinking about it, head on over to and enter the contest to win a trip to Vegas and a chance to win a million bucks. From the press release:

“Between now and September 30, consumers 21 year of age or older can enter to win an all-expense paid, three-day, two night trip to the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. While in Sin City, each winner and their guests will be treated to a VIP evening at the Playboy Club. There, a trio of Playboy Playmates will stand in for Lady Luck when each of the contestants and their guests play a high-stakes round of poker. If either the contest winners or their guests have a straight flush or higher, Macanudo will award the $1,000,000 prize.”


Here are a few videos I shot during my tour of the General Cigars booth at the IPCPR show. As always, these are raw videos, and, due to the ambient noise in the aircraft hangar they call an exhibition hall, they aren’t all that easy to hear. Thanks again to General Cigars for rolling out the red carpet for me again. They have quite a few exciting items again this year.





Leave a comment to enter to win at least a five pack of General Cigar goodies, maybe more, but it will be at least five, I may be able to scrounge up more goodies. Contest will run for one week, with the winner being drawn on Sunday, August 14, 2011. Usual rules apply.  The prize may grow over the course of the week, hard to say!


That’s it for now, until the next time,





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21 Responses to General Cigars Week, a Macanudo, IPCPR Booth Tours and a Contest!

  1. Rod Warczak (@ranasiciliano)

    Michael without a tie!! Must have been a lonnnngggg day for him! Thanks for the reports to us who could not make it!

  2. Steve C

    I have smoked several different brands offered by General Cigars and have really liked each and everyone!

  3. Your reviews keep me on my toes for seeking out and trying different cigars.
    Thanks, and keep up the fantastic job Craig!

  4. Tad Smith

    I agree with Rod. Your reports have been tremendously valuable to those of us who could not make the show. Keep up the good work.

  5. Bryan Lingg

    Thanks for the great videos…

  6. Swede214

    Craig, nice videos, just found your site about a week ago,like your commentary on the cigars you do.

  7. TriMarkC

    Great reviews, as always! I’ve tried & love many of the General Cigars brands & cigars – especially CAO! I can’t wait to try the new OSA! I also really like the Macanudo 1968s, ever since the day they were released. Hope I’m lucky enough to win!!

  8. foozer69

    great reviews! even better contest!

  9. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    Great stuff as always Craig…you did a great job throughout the IPCPR with your reviews…keeping us informed and entertained! Looks like you had a ball…enjoy all of the goodies you may have picked up during your time there…

    GCC is a great company, I’d say one of the best in the US Market…

  10. Matthew Wells

    Great reviews, and nice video bonus! Keep up the good work!

  11. Paul

    Great job on the reviews and show coverage. I have been a big fan of General Cigars for quite awhile. Always good to hear what others think.

  12. tom navarro sr.

    I really enjoy read your posts, keep up the great work you’ve been doing. I’m sure your fan base is growing.

    That was a interesting read on the OJA cigars, I still haven’t tried them yet. soon i hope. Ive been smoking mostly Drew estate cigars.

    Will see how this contest works out..


  13. Allen

    great reviews and can’t wait to get some time off to try and hit some conventions some time.

  14. Misc

    I’m told “you can’t win if you don’t enter”

  15. Acey

    Looks like IPCPR turned out to be a blast. Thanks for the coverage!

  16. Mike

    Just found you blog. Great reviews! I will definitely keep reading.

  17. Marc Schneiderman

    Always nice reading you Craig. Keep it up.

  18. Billy Cannon

    Thank you for all the reviews and the videos!!! I believe my favorite is the Serie N!! Great Stuff!

    • Thanks for the comment, Billy! I like the Serie N quite a bit myself. Stay tuned for more contests in the near future. This one wrapped up yesterday, but I have plenty of great stuff for future contests! Thanks to everyone who entered!

  19. Great site. Cheers for showing us.

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