Cigar Humor – Monday June 7, 2010

What am I doing?

That’s it for now, let’s see your comments on what you think I’m doing in this picture!  Also, thanks to Bob at Dogwatch Cigar Radio for the mention in the current episode.  Check out their podcast for a couple hours of weekly cigar infotainment!




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11 Responses to Cigar Humor – Monday June 7, 2010

  1. Jeff

    Why, obviously you have been caught up in all the excitement over the new iPhone. The new cigar app looks amazing.

  2. To enjoy a cigar, you must be ONE with the cigar!

  3. Jim Weiss

    “That’s right, chief – the shoe phone needs a new sole and KAOS has penetrated the cone of silence. I’ll be on the cigar phone from now on.”

  4. Jim Weiss

    Do the cigar beetles talk to you, too?

  5. Lloyd Ladrillono

    “Can you hear me now?”

  6. DB

    Sense the notes of leather and pepper through your skin, said the zen master to his students…

  7. Misc

    Well, since I KNOW you’re not ruining that perfectly good cigar by crinkling the wrapper and listening to the sound it makes as you roll it between your fingers — a pretentious practice that serves no useful purpose — I can only surmise that you are taking careful aim with your .007-issue cigar-gun (with silencer) and waiting for the perfect moment to take out the terrorists and thus thwart evil for another day.

    Note: Cigar Aficionado’s _Cigar Companion_ is wrong! (a) you can’t tell the moisture content by rolling a cigar between your fingers and listening to it and (b) many, many cigars have extremely delicate wrappers and, if you do this — even if they’re perfectly humidified — you’ll tear them to shreds. In most cigar stores, you’ll be quickly escorted out if you try this with a cigar you have not yet purchased.

    “SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! – There is an old myth that rolling a cigar between your fingers and listening to the crackle of the wrapper is the best way to determine if it has been properly stored. This is actually the best way to destroy a cigar. All cigar wrappers crackle, regardless of whether they have been properly humidified or not. Though drier cigars will crackle louder than properly humidified smokes, if you’re hell-bent on manhandling a cigar before selecting it, pinch it ever so lightly down near the foot instead of rolling it. If it is in good condition, the cigar will give slightly and spring back into place.”

    Happy smoking!

  8. Duane Holmes

    Cigar band earring, just add your favorite cigar! Another million dollar idea from CigarCraig.

  9. “When I grow up I’m getting a Javelin”

  10. Dennis

    Adjusting your new Partagas bluetooth headset.

  11. CigarCraig's Wife

    Long story short: Craig walked into the living room a week ago and put this cigar to his ear and said to me, “What am I doing?” I knew better than to answer, but he wouldn’t stop asking until I finally said, “What?”

    And he said, “Listening to the band!”

    You can all start booing and hissing now.

    Feel my pain…