Tommy Takes a La Gloria Serie R For a Walk, and a Contest!

Finally!  Tommy has re-emerged and is still walking and smoking!  Here is his latest installment:

“Well, hello! I have been tied up getting ready to buy a new home, shopping for a home, and we just put in an offer today…so wish us luck! Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed several much needed walks…with a cigar. One in particular that I want to talk about today is the La Gloria Cubana Serie R. This one’s been around for awhile now, but is always a great full bodied smoke. However, I had an issue with it keeping a solid and strait ash. This one kept canoeing on me. I plan to take another on a  walk soon to see if it was the stick, my batch, or just me. But, with the “troubles” slowing me down a few times during the walk I still had a great time smoking this particular cigar. Something about walking, moving around…with a cigar has become very enjoyable. These “R’s” are a great “upper mid-class” cigar with great flavors and I love the look of the wrapper. Overall, it was a good walk…a good smoke, not great…but like I said earlier…I plan on taking another one soon and will report back as to how it went.

Long ashes to ya!



I too have been walking.  I took a couple walks with the new Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary Robusto, generously provided by the fine folks at General Cigar.  I enjoyed the two I smoked, although I can see where some age will smooth them out a bit.  The cigars are very nice looking 5″x50 with a box press.  I haven’t had a Rare Corojo in ages, but I remember them being a little richer in flavor.  Certainly worth trying when they become available.  I also smoked the last Cain Habano and it didn’t make me ill.

In honor of Tommy smoking a LA Gloria Cubana, it’s time to give away another five pack of the delicious Serie N JSB.  Leave a comment to enter, wish Tommy good luck with his new home buying experience, or give him some encouragement in his fitness regimen, whatever.  I’ll pick a winner on Sunday ,April 10, 2011. Thanks again to Team La Gloria for providing these cigars for my readers!

That’s it for now, thanks to Tommy for another fine contribution and my best wishes to him and his family for the momentous occasion of purchasing their first home!

Until the next time,




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32 Responses to Tommy Takes a La Gloria Serie R For a Walk, and a Contest!

  1. Dr. Hardcrab

    Dug deep in my humi this past weekend and found a 3-pack of LGC Serie R that I bought on the last WPCC. Has a 5, 6, and 7. Fired up the 5 while I was grillin’ on the deck. Forgot how yummy these bad boys were! Had no trouble nubbing it.
    Good luck with the house hunting Tommy. As far as walking and smoking, well, ask Craig. They just go well together!!

  2. Rod Warczak

    Nice walk Tommy! I am loving those Serie N’s. I sure would be happy to get more of those! Thanks for the great reviews and this opportunity!

  3. Wallaper

    Would love to try those Serie N, I could take one for a walk myself!

  4. Lloyd L.

    Nice to hear Tommy is hitting his stride! I have the Serie R encased in a crystal tube and got a free Serie N, courtesy of the promo in CA magazine. I hear the N is a tasty stick. It’s my turn, Craig! I’m calling my shot!

  5. jimbobber

    I’m jealous. Tommy gets to smoke great cigars, and has become a homeowner. Oh, well, at least I can still walk.

  6. Agent 86

    Very nice. By the way Craig, the prize arrived and I had one today. Outstanding smoke, thank you very much.

  7. Greg Zeller

    Hey Craig,

    Let’s get together for a smoke soon!

  8. foozer69

    good luck on the bhouse. sure would like to try those serie n craig hear great reviews about them!!!

  9. Acey

    Funny…I was just researching the LGC Serie N earlier tonight, and was thinking’ “Man, it would be cool if Craig gave me a bunch of those when I’m in Philly next month!”

    Coincidence. I think not!

  10. Richard M.

    Tommy, im kind of in the same boat, and you’ve inspired me to do quite a bit of walking with a nice cigar. Good luck!

  11. Steve C


  12. TriMarkC

    Tommy – good luck on your house bid! Those can get tedious and frustrating waiting, so hopefully your’s will be short and successful. As for the walking, keep it up buddy!!

  13. Bill Mackowick

    since today is my birthday I think I should be the winner!!! hehehehe….

  14. kekoa kai

    Sounds like Tommy’s got his groove!

  15. Cigarjockey

    Congrats on the new home!

  16. Kevin

    Gook luck with the new house! Love me some La Gloria Cubanas!

  17. Justin

    Good luck with the house… It is such a pain!

  18. Wyatt Jones

    Excellent choice Tommy. Hope you enjoy your house as much.

  19. Jerry Kontur

    Congrats on the new home! And keep up the walking, a little goes a long way! The La Gloria Cubana Serie N’s are a terrific smoke for a walk or rest on a park bench! I’m traveling next week and called a smoke shop ahead of time to make sure they have some for me whan I arrive! 🙂

  20. Twitchysteve

    Good luck with new house. You’ll prolly be takeing lots of walks to the hardware store in the coming months. Turn that house into a home!

  21. alwaysnoone

    Home-buying is an intimidating experience, I can’t imagine going through it in this climate, but congrats on moving forward. If you already have the offer in, you don’t need luck.. you need patience… Well, patience and a strong writing hand for all those signatures you’re going to have to sign in all that paperwork.

    Don’t forget to find a chair (or box) right after you get the keys and have your first cigar out in your very own backyard. That’s what I did. 🙂

  22. Will have to put on the try out list

  23. Allen

    Hi all recently returned home from a 6 month deployment. weather has been rainy and windy lately so no walking and smoking. Just started to smoke while deployed and looking to build up a humidor to get going especially fro next deployment.

  24. George

    Good luck with your “home” purchase. I hope its a home and not just a house. It is definately a buyers market out there if you are stable in your life & finances. Peace & Prosperity!
    Serie N is the shizz!

  25. Tad Smith

    Good luck with the home. I just started a walking exercise program myself. Doing 3 mi. a day now. Would love to try a Serie N. can’t find any up here in Maine!

  26. Kyle Chapman

    Good luck with the purchase of the home. Lotsa work but well worth it if you are ready. I hope I win as I haven’t tried the Serie N yet. Great givaway!!! Cheers!

  27. Tommy, Congrats on the new home. I pray the people inside make it a true home! Also, keep working hard on the fitness. I lost 50 pounds last year and ran my first marathon. You can do it!


  28. john rebel

    Keep on trucking tommy, slow and steady! good luck with the new home as well!

  29. Elliott Finebloom

    Buying a home right now really is the right thing to do. Best of luck.

  30. John monaghan

    Good luck with the home purchase. I enjoyed the Serie N that I tried this week. General cigar did a nice job with the offer of the free cigar back in March. La Gloria’s have always been a very solid smoke.

  31. Keep pushing on with your fitness regimen. I’ve recently lost 50lbs just by working my butt off. I have so say that I have yet to take a cigar walking – will have to do that! Cheers!

  32. Good luck with the new house! The N was a surprise stick for me, I would love to try it again