Take A Cigar For A Walk: The Return of Tommy!

I recently dropped Tommy a line to see how he was doing and he responded with this Take A Cigar For A Walk review:

Well, I have been so busy getting ready to close on a new home for my family that I had put the walking to the back burner…but boy do I need to be walking! So, last night I did just that! I set out on my walk with a very simple cigar, a Don Elias. I had picked up a bunch of these awhile back for little to nothing. These cigars don’t look like much and their bands make them look even less. But, myself and a few other friends have fallen in love with these cigars. They are quiet mild, but burn perfectly, as this one did on my walk…and the flavor is great! My walk went really well. The weather was nice, especially since it has been very windy around here lately. However, I had absolutely no issues with the burn, it burned evenly throughout the entire 60 minute walk. I would highly recommend that you try at least one of these cigars. You will want to get your hands on one…then let it rest in a good humidor for many months…and then I think you will be pleased. Again, this is a mild cigar, but even for me…a more full body smoker…I really enjoy this stick on occasion.

On my health, I have not been walking as I should and I am paying for it! I cannot wait until this move is out of my way so I can stop making excuses and move on with the walks. I did do one thing for myself this weekend…I signed up for a former Marine ran Boot Camp that I will be joining in a few weeks! Now, a lot of folks think that these “exercise” Boot Camps are just for girls…no, they are for us all! I am looking forward to being able to get started…and hopefully be whipped back into shape soon. I am looking forward to the military aspect of it, as I know that I need someone in my face making me go further and pushing me to places that currently, I don’t think I can go to. This will be a good eye opener for me. Health is important, and I have put this on the back burner for way too long. With this, this should give me more time with taking a cigar for a walk as I will be required to exercise daily and give feedback to my sergeant. I will keep you all posted as I get closer to the starting date.

So, get out there…enjoy the warm air and light up a good cigar for yourself.

Long ashes to ya! –Tommy


As for me, I took a special cigar for a walk last night, a God of Fire from Prometheus, generously gifted to me by my favorite USAF Lt. Colonel, DB.  This was a torpedo with the secondary band identifying it as a Carlito 2006, which isn’t listed on the webpage.  The webpage doesn’t list too much information about these, but it does indicate that they are pricey as all get out. I usually don’t pay too much attention to cold draws, but this one tasted just like milk chocolate!  It lit and burned very nicely, and had a nice flavor.  I’d call this medium myself, but others may lean more toward full.  Overall it was a very nice cigar on a very nice spring evening and it was a great accompaniment for my walk, a special treat I never would have otherwise had the chance to smoke.  Thank you very much DB, you sent me some extremely nice cigars for the very small favor I did for you. Totally over the top!  I think I’ve mentioned before that DB sent a few cigars in a very nice Casa Magna box which I’ve since pressed into service in the coolerdor holding the prized cigars I brought back from Cigar Safari!  I hope to one day have the pleasure of meeting you and sharing a cigar.  Tonight I grabbed an old standby as I had limited time, a Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales.  I broke into the bottom layer of the box and these just keep getting better and better.  Another fine way to get a little exercise on a beautiful evening.

That about wraps it up for now. Best of luck again to Tommy in his house buying AND his boot camp!

Until the next time,


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4 Responses to Take A Cigar For A Walk: The Return of Tommy!

  1. Lloyd L.

    Nice to hear from Tommy again! I’ve got to get on the TACFAW routine, too. If nothing else, it’ll at least afford me the opportunity to squeeze in a few more cigars per week!

  2. DB

    Glad to read that you enjoyed the God of Fire and thank you for your kind words. I look forward to meeting you after I relocate to Edwards AFB area this August. Not sure what cigar merchants are available there…Any idea?
    Keep up the eloquent reporting on your passion…It is definitely contagious…I will give it a shot on a couple of TACFAW articles…

    • I know I’ve got some readers in CA, I’m sure they will point you in the right direction. I’m on the opposite coast, but I’m sure our paths will cross one of these days and I look forward to it! Thanks again for the fine cigars, and especially for your service!

    • Lloyd L

      I spent a few months in Lancaster, which is about 45 mins. from Edwards AFB, but that was some 22 years ago and I wasn’t smoking cigars yet. DB, If you can’t find a shop out there, I’ll send you a few from my stash. I echo Craig’s sentiments and thank you for your service.

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