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La Flor Dominicana La Volcada Cigar

LaFlorDominicana_La VolcadaIt’s been uncomfortably cold here in PA, so smoking Churchill size cigars hasn’t really been the best idea, but Jonathan Carney of La Flor Dominicana sent me a few of their newest offerings, the La Volcada (TYJC). This is only available in the 7″ x 50 Churchill vitola and had a neat coiled pigtail cap. The name comes from a Tango dance move, popular in Uraguay, where Lito Gomez grew up.  The La Volcada has a beautiful dark San Andrés wrapper, Ecuador Corojo binder and Dominican fillers grown on Lito’s farm in La Canela.  I braved the elements a couple of times, but really can’t wait for warmer weather to enjoy this cigar again (in truth, I can’t wait for warmer weather period, winter’s just started and it’s been way to cold and snowy for my liking already!).  This cigar is everything I want in a cigar.  It’s got my favorite sweet, earthy, cocoa, espresso flavors, and is very well-behaved, burning cool and slow for a nice two-hour vacation.  I haven’t seen these in stores yet, and they appear to me listed at online retailers, but out of stock at the places I saw, but when these are available, I recommend sampling them if you like the same cigars I like, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.


I’ve taken to walking Macha bundled up (she has a coat too), and enjoying a smaller cigar on the porch with the propane heater, smaller cigars are harder to deal with while wearing gloved (and any cigar is impossible with mittens!).  I seem to have a ton of robustos and coronas, so this is a good time of year to smoke some of them. My usual procedure is to walk Macha with a large cigar and finish the cigar on the porch, so this times out about the same. This evening, for example, we bundled up and took a walk, then I came back and lit the heater and a CroMagnon Mode 5, a delicious little perfecto, and last night it was a LG Diez from La Flor Dominicana, which was equally delicious.  They are predicting another snow tonight, and I see where a lot of places in the south had snow that don’t usually get it. My condolences, I’m getting too old for this crap…


I still need to hear from the winner of the La Gloria contest, and the giveaway for the cool stuff from Drew Estate is ongoing, so get over there and enter!  Until the next time,





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