Suriel Cigars Toro Majestouso and Robusto Day and Night

Suriel Cigars is a new name to me, I hadn’t heard of them until the company’s co-founder, Emilio Rodriguez, reached out to me to try his cigars. Suriel Cigars are offered in two blends, one size in each, and  both have a natural Brazilian wrapper. We are used to seeing the maduro Brazilian wrapper, but these are both a caramel colored shade of brown.  The cigars are made in the Kelner Boutique Factory under the supervision of Hendrick Kelner, Jr. in Santiago, Dominican Republic. I had the pleasure of smoking each of these this week, even though it’s finally winter here in Pennsylvania and has gotten quite cold, a little bit of propane and my enclosed back porch provided I reasonably comfortable smoking situation.  I have to say, for cigar with blue bands, these were pretty darned good.


Suriel_Toro MajestousoI started with the Suriel Toro Majestouso, a 6″ x 56 parejo with a little pigtail cap. The blend is the Cubra Brazilian wrapper, a Dominican binder, and filler from the DR, Nicaragua, Peru and the United States. There’s a lot going on with this blend of fillers, and I found it to be a very pleasing cigar, very smooth, elegant and complex. There was a creamy base with so nice, yet subtle, exotic spice and floral flavors. The construction was perfect, it had a straight burn and an ideal draw.  I really enjoyed this cigar, it would be a great cigar to have in the morning with a cup of coffee, although I certainly appreciated it as my evening cigar.   I look forward to smoking more of these cigars.


Suriel_Robusto Day and NightI also smoked the Suriel Day and Night, offered in a Robusto size, measuring 5″ x 50ish, with a regular capped head. This is another pretty cigar, the wrapper looks to be the same Cubra Brazilian leaf, with Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian fillers and a Dominican binder. For me, the difference between this and the Toro were day and night, while the blend appears similar, it had a markedly different flavor. I got an underlying sour-bread kind of flavor throughout the cigar. The description of the components is vague, the varietals could be different, or the presence of whatever variety of USA tobacco really makes a big difference in the flavors. It wouldn’t be any fun if they both tasted the same, right?  Again, the construction was spot on, which one would expect from a Kelner product, and I managed a good hour and a half of smoking pleasure, even though that sour-bread flavor isn’t one I really look for in a cigar.


These were both good cigars, although my personal preference leans toward the Toro Majestouso.  I don’t yet know where these are available, but if you come across some, give them a shot.


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18 Responses to Suriel Cigars Toro Majestouso and Robusto Day and Night

  1. Both of these cigars sound good and coming from Kelner, heck yes.No release date or price point, Craig?

  2. Jared

    You’re like the girl I dated in8th grade your a tease! I can’t even buy these yet.
    I can’t wait to try them. LOL

  3. Both sound good, I would try the Suriel Toro first!

  4. TriMarkC

    I’m a fan of Brazilian wrappers!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Patrick

    I’m with Mark I love the Brazil wrap. I feel so lucky not to have to burn in the cold, you guys are true fans of the leaf.

  6. John Hateley

    Sounds like a couple of winners. Any info on when these will show up at b&ms?

  7. Dan Colley

    Like you, sour bread is not what I expect in a cigar, but neither was the peppermint I experienced in one of the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters. Ya never can tell !!!

  8. lonniemarci1991

    Thanks for the review, the first sounds nice since I love coffee and cigars. Also, thanks for the birthday wishes this week, i appreciate it!

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