Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut Ranflactic Cigar Review

I smoked some good cigars this week, but the week started off on a really positive note when I sat down with a selection from a sampler of Davidoff sampler from the IPCPR show. Funny story about the sampler. On our way out of the hotel on out last night at the show we ran into our local Davidoff rep who doesn’t like to be mentioned on the internet, so in deference to his wishes I’ll refer to him as “Tom Smith”. “Tom” said he’d leave me a sampler at the front desk at the hotel that night, and when we got back late I asked at the desk and concierge, and there was nothing there. No big deal, maybe he hadn’t gotten back yet. I checked at 5am when we left and it JohnnyTobacconautwasn’t there either. When I got back home I dropped “Tom” a note telling him it wasn’t there, just so he knows I’m not the guy that takes samples and you never hear about them again.  “Tom” was pissed because he did leave the samples, and some lowlife hotel employee probably took home some great cigars.  I arranged to meet “Tom” at a local shop that he happened to be passing on his way home the next weekend, missed him by about 5 minutes and had forgotten my phone, so I had to go back the next day and pick it up.  It was very kind of “Tom” to go out of his way, I should have hunted him down at the Davidoff booth at the show, but they were always busy. I didn’t even get to include Matt Booth in my secret video…a disappointment. What wasn’t a disappointment was the fist cigar I picked, which was the Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut Ranflactic.


Room101_JohnnyTobacconaut_RanflacticAs I find with Room 101 cigars often, there’s little to no information on the Room101Brand website, nor the Camacho website, nor even the Davidoff website. This continues to confound me, so I turned to a reliable source, my buddy Will at If you want the poop, go to Coop. There are three sizes of this Nicaraguan Puro, the three perfecto shapes he’s used in his other lines, with a spacey twist to the names. The Filero has become the Fileroid, the Ranfla is the Ranflactic and the enormous Chingon is the Chingonova.  Interesting to nobody but me probably, is that the Ranflactic I smoked is marked Ranfla in the sampler box. The Ranfla (and Ranflactic) is incorrectly listed many places as 5½” x 50 (and tapers at each end). I can assure you without a doubt this is a 6½” cigar. Retailers have it wrong, the media has it wrong (Even Coop), and I can only assume this was a typo in the product literature from Davidoff.  I have it right, that’s all you need to know :-). I am very happy that they decided to put two of these in the sampler, because it was a stellar cigar, and I’d say that even if it didn’t have a space theme.  This was probably the best cigar I’ve smoked this year, and those who know me know that I don’t gush about many cigars.  The cigar was buttery smooth, creamy, but with rich, savory flavors. For me, it lacked any of the “pop” one generally associates with a Nicaraguan puro, but had the deep, smoothness of well aged tobacco.  This is easily the best I’ve smoked from Room 101, or any of its sibling brands. While I haven’t smoked may Davidoff cigars, it’s better than any I have smoked as well. I enjoyed this cigar so much, I think I’d spend the $12 each on more. Holy crap this was a great smoke.


I enjoyed this cigar so much, I’m going to give it its own post today. I should have done this mid-week, but I didn’t get around to it.  I’ll be back a little later with my usual recap, and there were some other great smokes I had this week that deserve mention, but this cigar deserves the spotlight.  In keeping with the theme, it was “out of this world” good, and, as I said, I don’t usually get this excited about a cigar.  Great job Matt Booth and his team, it’s a wonderful cigar. Thanks again to “Tom Smith” for going out of his way to get me the sampler, I’m looking forward to smoking the others, especially the new Avo Syncro and Camacho American Barrel Aged.


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8 Responses to Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut Ranflactic Cigar Review

  1. Wow the Johnny Tobacconaut sounds incredible. I hope I can run one pr two down!

  2. Jared

    I happen to love cigars and look forward to your posts.
    After being hit by a car I rarely get the chance to smoke due to all the medical bills and regular bills in life. But I cant tell you how much I appreciate your post.
    Great work!!!

  3. Dan Colley

    You’re right … I rarely see you carry on so much about any particular cigar!

    It’s really a drag that people can’t leave things that don’t belong to them alone. I hope that ganiff chokes on those cigars. May they be moldy and full of weevils.

    Your tale of thievery reminded of a note that my Father kept in his hat. He was a Master Chief Petty Officer in the Navy and wore a hat (they called them a “cover”) when outdoors. It was a part of his uniform. The note in his cover said, “If you are going to steal my cover, go ahead and take my pants, too, because I’m just as much out of uniform without my cover as I would be without my pants.”

    I’ve never smoked a cigar from Room 101, but I have one that a friend recently gave me in a gift pack and after reading this review, I intend to smoke it this afternoon while the stock car race is on TV.

    Thanks again for the Psyko (Ventura Cigar Co.) prize package. There was some very nice swag in that box!!! I took the test and I am definitely “psyko”. The cigars need some more time to “rest”. I tried one and in spite of an excellent flavor, it didn’t want to burn well. Time in the box will take care of that, I’m sure.

  4. Patrick

    Wow I hope I run into some of these. You make it sound dreamy

  5. Charlie H.

    I’ll be grabbing a few of these based just on your review Craig (although you dont gush too much about cigars I RARELY see you knock them or think a particular blend is bad, most are “good” cigars).

  6. Wow Craig, great catch. I informally smoked my sample (i.e. non review) and the more I think about it, I think the 5 1/2 is incorrect. You are right – everywhere I’ve looked has 5 1/2, but Ranfla(ctic) is a size found elsewhere in the Room 101 portfolio is a 6 1/2 inch.

  7. Just tried a Ranflastic last night. I’d agree it is the finest Room 101 (and I’ve tried most all) to date.

  8. Mark

    I concur. This is a delicious smoke. The Ranflactic is one of the best non-Cubans I’ve had. I hope they continue this line of sticks.

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