No Cigars Since Wednesday and a Few Minutes with Omar of Fratello Cigars

Dark times have descended upon me, as a scourge of sinus and bronchial unrest has made enjoying a cigar impossible.  I felt it coming on Wednesday, but Thursday the cold came on with a vengeance, and has made for a miserable few days. You see, I’ve taken Monday and Tuesday off so my wife and I can go to New York City for a couple days, mainly because we were invited to a 50th birthday party for our dear friend Mitchell, which is taking place in Brooklyn. My primary objective since contracting this abominable affliction is to eradicate it, so I can be in perfect form to enjoy amazing cigars at this soiree.  It would be an insult to our host to be sick at his party.  So, I’ve decided to forgo my daily cigar, not that I even remotely desired one, that’s how abysmal I’ve been feeling, which leaves me with a bit of a content vacuum.  So I’ll just wing it!


I have one last video to share from the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival, and that’s a few minutes talking to my dear freind Omar de Frias from Fratello Cigars.  I’ve featured Omar here before, I first met him at the 2013 IPCPR show where he made his debut and a big splash (more here).  I had the good fortune of spending an afternoon with him at D & S Cigar Lounge in Lancaster, PA (also here) last March. Omar has a commanding presence, and has to be about the hardest working guy in the business since Rocky Patel. How he can hold down a day job, travel all over reping his cigars and stay married is a mystery Here’s the video for your enjoyment!


Of course, you can see all of my past video at my Youtube Channel if you are ever really bored. That’s it for today! I’ll have something cool for sure on Wednesday’s post!  Until then,





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4 Responses to No Cigars Since Wednesday and a Few Minutes with Omar of Fratello Cigars

  1. jjo

    Get well and enjoy your get together!

    I’ve only had a single Fratello, but enjoyed the heck out of it. I don’t think their distribution has reached my state.

  2. Dan Colley

    I have just the prescription for you: a nice, steaming bowl of “Jewish Penicillin” (Chicken Soup). It’s good for what ails ya !!! L’chaim !!!!

  3. Great video! I hope that you start feeling better soon so you can get back to posting cigar reviews!

  4. I appreciate the advice that you gave. It was very helpful.

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