La Sirena Cigars Contest!

I’ve had some unexpected family issues arrive which require my attention so instead of my regular Wednesday post you’ll have to settle for a contest. I’m sure you all will cut me some slack. The giveaway this time is sponsored by my friends and site sponsors at La Sirena Cigars. The prize is a sampler of cigars from the La Sirena portfolio: there’s a couple of the new Oceano, a Stixx, a Jaxx, a Jaxx LT, a Merlion, a new La Sirena Trident, and I’ll probably include an old La Sirena Trident (made at My Father) so you can compare the old with the new (the new being made at La Zona, and very good as well). There’s a cutter and a box of matches too. These are all exceptional cigars, there’s something in this lineup to satisfy every palate.


LaSirena Contest



Everyone is eligible to win, just leave a comment here to enter, one per person please, must be over 18 to win, usual rules apply. I hope to pick a winner on Sunday, March 22, 20015.  Thanks to everyone at La Sirena for making this contest possible, and if you could send positive vibes our direction, I sure would appreciate it.  I’ll share more later for those who are curious.


Until the next time,





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100 Responses to La Sirena Cigars Contest!

  1. Frank Germaine

    Thanks for the chance

  2. I would love to try more La Sirenas. I’ve only had a couple.

  3. Ken Fellenstein

    Would love to try them. Never had one.

  4. Hope everything works out with you and your family!

  5. Thanks for the giveaways! Hope all is well!

  6. Bruce Wienckowski

    One of my favorites that I first encountered in Delaware and had to travel to a northern New Jersey cigar festival to acquire more.

  7. Jonathan Baker

    Always wanted to try La Sirena…thanks for the contest.

  8. Darrel Stone

    Good luck y’all on some great lookin sticks

  9. james Lay

    Awesome opportunity man. Thanks!

  10. Robert Ritchie

    I really like the design of the La Sirena cigar rings and would like to try some of these La Sirena sticks – great sweeps!

  11. Michael Reid

    Awesome contest brother. I hope all is well.

  12. Adrian quick

    I haven’t had the chance to have a La Sirena…. not one my local store carries. I’d love to win them to try them out!

  13. Terry Eldrige

    Only had a La Sirena once and it was great!
    Hope things turn out for the best with the family matters, Craig.

  14. Allen Richards

    Someone is going to be lucky.

  15. ralph

    ThAnika for the chance

  16. Hoping to try my first La Sirena now!

  17. Some great looking cigars in this contest. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope your family issues are resolved soon.

  18. Scott Wilson

    Thanks for the contest!

  19. Kevin lima

    Awesome, a chance for me to try new smokes!

  20. Hope everything goes well.

  21. Steve Christopher

    Those look great. Thanks to you and La Sirena Cigars!

  22. Hope all goes well with the family and thanks for the contest!

  23. Brian Impson

    Positive thoughts and prayers are with you. Best wishes.

  24. schon garrison

    Family should always come first. Be well.

  25. Good luck. Best, thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Jerry B

    Something new for me to try. Thanks Craig and La Sirena. Positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

  27. Nathan Zimmerman

    Thanks for the contest mang! Hope all is well.

  28. Duane Holmes

    Dang!!! I’d sure love to try ’em!!!

  29. Dan Colley

    Thanks to your generosity last fall, I got to try the La Sirena frontmark and REALLY liked it.. I’m throwin’ down for this contest, too. Thanks for putting on the contest … an opportunity to have some more of a good line of cigars. I hope all goes well with you and you get your problem resolved right away.

  30. Jesus C

    Haven’t tried la sirina since they left my father, would be interested to try the Jaxx line

  31. David Wisniewski

    Craig, those La Sirena cigars would be ideal for the start of March Maddness, Baby!

  32. Freakboy791

    I tried the La Sirena cigar made at My Father. It was very good. I can’t find a local shop that has them any more. Thanks, Craig.

  33. Dan Bowden

    Hoping the best for your family and whatever issues you may be going through..

  34. Lloyd Ladrillono

    Would love to smoke some La Sirena’s…

  35. martin kacz

    I Hope all is well. Nothing more important than family. I looked into La Sirena cigars. Arielle has put together a fine product.

  36. Texican8

    Wow, that’s a great prize! Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. jason foxe

    Awesome!! Great cigars!!!

  38. Craig

    Can’t go wrong with La Sirena. Hope everything with the family is okay.

  39. Zeegarboy

    Those look delicious!

  40. Mike McCain

    like the things that come out of la zona, who is your march madness pick?

  41. jjo

    Very nice. It’s been a while since I’ve had one.

  42. Mike Young

    Newbie to La Sirena!

  43. Hope everything works out with your “family issues”. Thanks for sharing a positive (this contest) during whatever is transpiring with your life. Sending my own positive thoughts your way.

  44. jay

    thanks always craig.

  45. Timmc71

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Arielle and she was so down to earth and such a beautiful woman in person. Thanks Craig and I hope all is well with the family.

  46. JScott

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

  47. Matthew Denico

    Thanks for the chance to win

  48. Commish

    Great prize to win now that’s is warm enough to be outside to enjoy!

    • Tim Brannon

      Craig, thanks for your cigar reviews and commentaries! I have never experienced the La Sirena line of smokes but look forward to the opportunity to enter an possibly win the contest.

      Craig, it seems we are either in a crisis, heading out of a crisis, or heading toward a crisis! Sending good vibes your way!

  49. Don

    Had 1 a while ago, would like to try more

  50. Dwight

    Love La Sirena cigars!

  51. Lonnie Brooks

    I have always wanted to try La Sirena, no one around here carries them. Hoping I will be the lucky winner!

  52. Tad Smith

    Love me some La Sirena!!!

  53. edward mungia

    I hope i win!!!!

  54. Donald Santos

    Only tried the JAXX and it was very good

  55. Pat

    Never tried these, look forward to the chance. 🙂 Hope things all come out all right.

  56. Tommy D

    Hope everything works out Craig. All the best to you.

  57. Jared b

    You guys are number 1 !!!!!!!!

  58. Nice contest Craig…..hope your new humi is getting ready….she is a beaut. Hope all is ok with your family. Thanks for the contest

  59. czerbe

    Good Lord Craig that is a nice gift, hope all family issues work out for you!

  60. Mark

    Always super contests and great articles!

  61. Acefisher1

    Always with the great giveaways! Have a great week, Craig!

  62. Go go gadget cigar cutter!

  63. KOPTim

    Always up for a contest. Anything related to My Father has to be good.

  64. Gary

    ooh ooh pick me pick me!!!

  65. Forrest

    Great selection. I haven’t been able to pick any up locally, I would love to try them.

  66. alfred

    Woohoo looking forward to this contest

  67. Bill

    Terrific cigars!!!

  68. Would love to give them a try.

  69. Andrew

    Nice Contest

  70. jeffk

    I would like to win these!

  71. i’d love to win these as well, since i’ve never had any La Sirena. also hope things start going better for you and your family, craig!

  72. bob langmaid

    Love La Sirena, Hope to win this awesome prize!!

  73. lorri langmaid

    My hubby’s favorite, thanks for the opportunity!!

  74. dustinlangmaid

    My dad gave me my first La Sirena, would like to try these others too!

  75. smoke770

    nice contest thx!!!

  76. ray jones

    I really loved the Merlion, I haven’t tried any of the others. I would really love to win this contest.

  77. Charlie H.

    Thanks so much Craig! Missed your Wed. post but this sure makes up for it! Love me some La Sirena cigars! Haven’t tried Jaxx or Stixx yet….very much appreciated!

  78. Patrick

    I’m tapping my stored karma and sending it your way.

  79. billy

    Thanks for the contest

  80. John Hateley

    Thanks for another great contest!

  81. Randall Simon

    Thanks for the contest and keep up the great work.

  82. Todd S.

    Hope the family issues are resolved soon. Never have tried a La Serena, certainly would love to. Stay smokey!

  83. paul1954

    I would love to try the old La Sirena.

  84. The call of La Sirena is irresistible… I must answer!

  85. yossi770

    This looks like a great way to start a good week, by winning this contest!
    Thanks cigarcraig!

  86. Tim S

    Always like a contest. I tried one of the Oceano’s on Wed and really liked it.

  87. foozer6976

    craig, hope all is well as always thanks for the awesome contest!! hope all works out!!

  88. Kevin D. Shahan

    Sending good vibes your way man!

  89. Swede214

    Thank You for this contest, and hope all is good for the family.

  90. Dennis Shaffer

    Great to see another contest, Craig. And for mermaid cigars.

  91. George

    Count me in and thanks!

  92. Glenn

    I just found your blog today. I like that you are Flyers’ fan. Tough sledding for us for the foreseeable future.
    I’ve had La Sirena once and did enjoy it.

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