La Gloria Cubana, Padrón, Leccia Luchador and Recluse Draconian

I have to take a quick rewind to last week.  I smoke two spectacular cigars leading up to Memorial Day Weekend that need to be discussed. First was a special cigar I got when I met up with Michael Giannini a few years ago at a La Gloria Cubana event at Famous Smoke Shop. This was a special La Gloria Artesanos de Tabaqueros in a 4.5 x 50 format that had a Sumatra and Connecticut broadleaf wrapper as opposed to the Ecuador Connecticut and Sumatra that’s on the production version. Boy, I love this cigar! The change from the wrappers is quite obvious,  as it goes from a bit leathery to sweet when it hits  the band (I took the band off, they taste bad). Wonderful little cigar that I wish were available.


Lastly, I started the weekend with an old friend, the Padrón 1964 Anniversary Maduro Exclusivo. I often wonder why I don’t smoke these more often, then I look at the price tag! I suppose in today’s cigar economy, $11 and change isn’t terrible for the quality of flavor,  construction and overall experience you get. Like smoking a Hershey Special Dark candy bar. Smooth, rich and just about perfect. It’s incredible that a cigar smoked in 2014 can taste the same as one smoked in 2000. Really a brilliant cigar, classic.



Leccia_Luchador_ElHombreSo this week I actually took a few days off after smoking my brains out over the weekend.  Friday I kicked off this weekend with a Leccia Tobacco Luchador El Hombre. This may be my favorite cigar of the year so far. I reviewed it on Saturday in my appearance on Kiss My Ash Radio, and mentioned that it reminded me of semisweet chocolate with jalapeño, and Abe and his crew had never had that (0r the Luchador), they don’t know what they are missing. Give the show a listen, I tried not to make a fool of myself, once again. I don’t know if it’s the Pennsylvania ligero that give it that little jalepeño pop, or what, but it’s a really interesting and entertaining cigar. Give the Luchador a try, it may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly unlike any other cigar out there.  A 99 on my rating scale.



Recluse_Draconian_Sidewinder2I was inspired by a segment on the Kiss My Ash show sponsored by Iconic Leaf yesterday so I grabbed a Recluse Draconian Sidewinder No. 2, a 6×57 box pressed cigar with a unique head. I gave it a squeeze and the cap popped open and I peeled it off, making a perfect opening without having to use a cutter. It’s got what they describe as a Ecuador Maduro wrapper, a proprietary binder, something called Braziago HD in the filler blend, along with Piloto Cubano, another proprietary ligero and a Dominican ligero. Whatever these tobaccos are, they sure taste great together. It’s a full flavored, upper medium bodied cigar that has a perfect draw and a fun shape.  I’ve only smoked the Sidewinder sizes in this line, but I’me sure the normal vitolas are tasty too.  Stay tuned for their new addition, the Connecticut wrapped Amadeus. I can’t wait to see what clever size they come up with for that one.


If you get a chance, check out my newest site sponsor, Bombay Tobak.  Here’s the info about the company and their cigars:

A truly boutique cigar, MBombay, just hit the shelves of retailers in Southern California within last couple of weeks. MBombay Cigars are made in a very small factory in San Jose, Costa Rica.

In a recent interview with Mel Shah, owner of MBombay Cigars, expressed “Cigars are embedded in my memories since childhood. I can still smell the lingering mild smell of Cubans that my grandfather and my father smoked when I was a kid. After graduating college in India, my father offered me my first cigar in ’96, which he got from Dubai. I retired from IT industry in 2001, and opened a cigar shop that year in July. I enjoy retail even today, but I believe manufacturing aspect of cigars was supposed to happen. Touching, feeling and smelling of tobacco in the factory takes me right back to my grandpa’s room. I do miss him and classical music that he used to listen while smoking a fine cigar.”

Read the rest HERE 

It’s a beautiful Sunday and I’m done most of my chores for the day, so it’s time to pick out something nice and sit and relax out in the yard for a while.Until the next time,






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  1. The Luchador sounds great. Need to find one.

  2. TriMarkC

    I would love to try that special La Gloria Artesanos de Tabaqueros with hr and Connecticut broadleaf wrapper !!! Why is it not available? Just the size in general or not in the Sumatra wrapper?? Maybe we should get a petition going to Mr.G to show him some love for that cigar!!

  3. These were cigars that were only available at events back in 2011. I would LOVE to see these in regular production, or even available at all!

  4. Dan Colley

    Again, I find a reference to Pennsylvania Long Leaf tobacco in one of your reviews. Last week, I did some reading and found an article in CA about that particular leaf. I found the article to be quite interesting. A great deal of that tobacco is grown, aged, fermented and hauled to market by the Amish, so I guess we can expect that the tobacco isn’t loaded up with pesticides, fungicides and so forth. I’m interested in perhaps finding a Pennsylvania Broad Leaf puro. One of those would tell the tale. The article in CA made reference to one. Now all I have to do is find it.

    I have read that the Leccia line of cigars is very interesting, particularly the “Black”. They advertise a fire-cured leaf being a part of it and that would no doubt give it a novel flavor. Now, there is the Luchador frontmark with that interesting blend of leaf. This is likely the next part of my “outreach” program for a new (favorite) cigar !!!

    As always, a good series of reviews. You always give me things to consider when I am contemplating my next purchase. Thanks for your “hard work”. (I know what hard work it can be to smoke a cigar !!!)

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