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Last month when Kevin Shahan, maker of the Cigar Prop, sent me a cigar prop to try out, also included a cigar. Like me, he finds it difficult to send a package without including extra goodies. Kevin is a great guy, I hope that I get to meet him one of these days, he has a true love of cigars and all that goes along with them.  The cigar he included is a brand created by the proprietors of his local cigar José Carlos Habanoshop, Tobacco Locker in Port Charlotte, Florida. The brand is called Jose Carlos, named after a particularly resilient orphan the owner of the store met in Nicaragua. The Jose Carlos line apparently comes in several wrapper varieties, Habano, Sumatra, Corojo, Connecticut and San Andres,  around a Nicaraguan filler blend. The brand website lists Habano, Corojo and Connecticut, while the Tobacco Locker website offers Habano, San Andres and Sumatra. It could be that the San Andres and Sumatra are store exclusives and the others are distributed to other retailers, I’m not sure. Maybe the brand owners will offer some clarity in the comments.  Anyway, Kevin quite generously sent me a Habano in the 6″ x 60 size, which I smoked last night.


Jose Carlos_Habano_60The Jose Carlos Habano 60 measured a bit under 60 ring gauge, which is OK with me. The wrapper was a nice, chocolate-brown, and it felt quite well rolled. The burn and draw were exceptional and it smoked for e good ninety minutes with no problems. The flavor to me was largely cedar, very woody with a hint of sweetness in the first half, which settled into a rich, tobacco goodness in the second half. I couldn’t think of another cigar to compare this to.  It was a nice, medium bodied cigar. Many thanks to Kevin for sharing this cigar with me, give his Cigar Prop a look, it’s a handy tool.


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  1. Kevin Shahan

    I love that I can share a cigar with you that you haven’t tried yet!

  2. Dan Colley

    If you are ever in the area of Port Charlotte, FL, you should definitely make a visit, even if it is a brief one. It is a very nice place. It sounds like they have a top shelf cigar shop too.

    I’m hoping to get south next baseball season. If I can make it, a trip through Port Charlotte is definitely on the agenda. I don’t get the opportunity to get “one-off” custom cigars and this would be a good opportunity to grab what sounds to be a good one.

    Thanks for your usual good review.

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