IPCPR 2012 – 262 Revere and Paradigm Cigars

I’ve been in the process of moving my family and this weekend was the weekend we chose to rent a truck and move the big stuff.  Long story short, I reserved a 16′ rental truck and they substituted a 24′ diesel for the same price.  Good deal, you say?  I had envisioned backing into my driveway and running everything up a ramp onto a low deck, with this 24′ truck I had to park on the street and use a lift gate.  It’s a wonder I didn’t need a CDL to drive this thing, and I had to go about 5 miles out of my way to get to the house because of the height!  It all worked out in the end and we got all the big stuff moved.  I’m a lot older than I was the last time I moved a piano and all that furniture and we have a lot more stuff yet to move.  Anyway, enough of my complaining, on with the show.


Thursday evening I decided to try the new 262 Cigars Revere that I was given by Clint Aaron at the show.  This is a new cigar that’s due out this fall and is a Nicaraguan Puro.  I really enjoyed this cigar, it burned well and had a decent draw. I can see that some age will benefit this cigar and look forward to smoking it again when it comes out.  It has a little bit of sweetness from the Jalapa wrapper and was pretty full bodied.  Nice cigar.


Today (actually, as I type) after a physically difficult weekend, I lit up a little 262 Paradigm.  This was a short robusto, about 4 x 50ish. I have been late to the party with the 262 lines, this is the first occasion I’ve had to sample them.  Obviously I’ve been missing out, these are fine cigars.  The little Paradigm is tasty and well behaved.  I almost grabbed the Ideology corona, but I needed something with some horsepower.  If I had the opportunity this morning for a cigar I think I would have enjoyed the Ideology with coffee.  This Paradigm is nice and I won’t make the mistake of not smoking these again. Quite satisfying and relaxing.


Here is a video I shot with Clint at the IPCPR show telling us about his new lines.  I had a string of interviewing very tall people when I did this one, so I made sure we talked sitting down so I didn’t feel so short (and I’m 6′ tall)!  The folks at 262 are doing it right, hunt down their cigars and try them if you haven’t already.



That’s all I have for now, it’s time to collapse.  Next Saturday I’ll be attending the Delaware Cigar Festival, so stay tuned for news from that excellent event.







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3 Responses to IPCPR 2012 – 262 Revere and Paradigm Cigars

  1. foozer69

    congrats on the new casa!!! those 262s sound pretty good gonna have to get some of those bad boys!!

  2. Lloyd L.

    I’ve smoked a couple of the Paradigm’s and i liked them as well. Moving sucks!

  3. Duane Holmes

    I had the pleasure of meeting Clint at the Tweet-Up in Chattanooga. I also had the extreme pleasure of smoking a 262 Revere. What a great smoke!! I’m not one to age cigars as I smoke ’em as soon as I get ’em. The Revere was IMHO great right outta the box. I’m looking forward to them hitting the shelves of my local B&M.