Father’s Day Cigar Contest Courtesy of Holt’s Cigar Company

OK, I still haven’t delivered the last contest winnings to Tim, who ended up being local to me. I’m a slug, I need to plan to meet up with him, I might have to put it in the mail to get it to him so he doesn’t think I’m a bad blogger! This week’s contest solves that problem as Holt’s Cigar Company will ship the present to the lucky winner.  For Father’s day, they have been featuring a whole bunch of specials (here), so even if you aren’t the winner, you can be by visiting and picking something nice up for your dad, or for yourself! They have lots of great samplers and gifts for every budget and palate, and I’ve always enjoyed excellent service from them, going back nearly two decades both mail order and in their Philadelphia store.
Holt’s has generously offered their La Aroma/San Cristobal ’92-95′ Rated Assortment. This sampler includes 1 – La Aroma de Cuba Robusto (5.25 X 54), 1 – La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso (5.5 X 54), 1 – La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Maximo (5.5 X 54), 1 – San Cristobal Monumento (7.25 X 49) and 1 – San Cristobal Revelation Legend (6.25 X 52)  I happen to enjoy these lines myself quite a bit, they are made in Esteli, Nicaragua by legendary cigar-maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia. What a great assortment!  Thanks to Lexi at Holt’s for providing this wonderful prize!


Rules are the same as always, if you’ve won recently, give everyone else a chance, and you must be of legal age to purchase tobacco in your jurisdiction. Leave a comment to enter, one per person, and only comments on this blog post count. I’ll select a winner at random on Sunday, June 19, 2016, which happens to be Father’s Day. The winner will need to send me their information so I can pass it on to the folks at Holt’s.  Good Luck!


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74 Responses to Father’s Day Cigar Contest Courtesy of Holt’s Cigar Company

  1. Mark

    Always enjoy your posts and am a regular customer of Holt’s to boot!


  2. Frank Germaine

    Thanks Craig & Holt’s! Good Luck Everyone!

  3. Pj Chopp

    Wow that’s a nice pack. Good luck everyone.
    Life is good.

  4. Scott Wilson

    Thanks for the contest

  5. DB

    Happy fathers Day

  6. Allinton /wattley

    Real good combo of cigars worthy of Fathers day for sure, great put together from Holts.

  7. Dan Colley

    I wish that there was a store of Holt’s caliber that was close to me. Sadly, there is NOTHING closer than a 1.5 hour drive. Anything closer is very weak. The one here in Gainesville is better after their renovations of a year ago, but their selection is sub-par. Don Pepin has that Midas touch, doesn’t he? Nothing he does is bad. These two frontmarks are some of his oldest and best.

  8. Derek Carpenter

    Thanks for the contest Craig! Happy Father’s Day!

  9. Mike Hanna

    Nice sampler. Thanks Craig!

  10. Jody Hateley

    That’s a great sampler!

  11. Timothy Beaugard

    That is a nice sampler.. I will definatly have to swing by Holt’s next time I’m in Phill

  12. Tony Serdenes

    I’m gonna have an amazing Father’s Day with my one year old…..but some cigars would make it even better!!

  13. Love these Cigars, so I want more. Pick Me, Pick Me.

  14. Nice smokes, and I like dealing with Holt’s, never any problems.

  15. Joel Scott

    Happy Father’s Day Craig!

  16. jjo

    Nice sampler! Thanks to you and to Holt’s for the giveaway.

  17. You are a great blogger and you are always a pleasure to catch up with Craig! Thanks to Holts and Cigarcraig for the contest!!!

  18. atllogix

    Thanks to you and Holt’s for the contest. I wouldn’t mind the sampler myself, Ashton has some good cigars.

  19. Brian Impson

    I wish all the dads out there a happy Father’s Day. I’ll be coming home from moving our son to DC where he has a new job. His dream has been to be in that city ever since high svjool. While I’m happy for him, we’ll sure miss him being here with us.

  20. Randall

    Always great contests Craig.

  21. I have a goddaughter named Ashton and she still loves stealing the bands off my cigars. She’s now 28. I’ve smoked Ashton cigars for about 25 years. Love them. I’m a Dad now too to 3 adopted children

  22. Texican8

    What a great giveaway! Thanks to you & Holts for the opportunity!

  23. Perfect Father’s Day sampler. Happy Father’s Day to all.

  24. Dave Y.

    La Aroma is a top notch smoke. I would love to have this sampler Thanks to Holts!

  25. La Aroma is my favorite of the Ashton familia, and the San Cristobel is beginning to get more recognition, as well.

  26. Allen Richards

    Great contest as always. Thanks,

  27. Dennis H.

    Thank you for the opportunity. I had my first Revelation last week and enjoyed it.

  28. fich

    I’m not a father, but I have been called a motherfucker.

  29. What an awesome line up! Perfect Father’s Day prize!!

  30. Kevin Shahan


  31. Chris Brose

    That looks like a really nice sampler! Thanks Craig!

  32. Tim S

    Great cigars and another great contest. Thanks..

  33. Vance Johnson

    Happy Father’s Day, folks!


    Sign me up!

  35. Tommy D

    Thanks to Holts for this great prize! Happy Fathers Day to all fathers!

  36. MikeW

    Thanks to you and Holts for another great contest! Happy Father’s Day to all!

  37. George

    Thanks to Holts and you for yet another wonderful CCC – “Cigar Craig Contest.”

  38. Lee Sorensen

    Thanks for all the great information and contests!
    I have recently smoked some cigars from the Holt line, and love them!
    Good luck to all!

  39. Edward Mungia

    Thanks for the contest. I love My Father cigars…The are on my top 5 brands.

  40. Karl

    I had my first San Cristobal – an Ovation – last week. It’s very nice of Holt’s to offer this sampler for a contest.

  41. Nice sampler pack. Thanks Holts and thanks Craig for another great giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  42. Craig

    To all the fathers, hope y’all have a Happy Fathers Day. Thanks to Holts for the donation and the contest.

  43. Dave K

    There is nothing more relaxing to me than lighting up a cigar on my back deck. It’s historically been just me out there but my son is back from college and has been joining me. It would be a great Father’s Day gift to smoke a couple of these with him! Thanks Craig & Holt’s – and Happy Father’s Day to all!

  44. schon garrison

    Great contest, who ever wins will be really happy

  45. Gary Walston

    Happy Fathers day and good luck.

  46. Great Gift For Father’s Day !!!! Good Luck To ALL
    And Thanxs For The Free Shot At It !!!!!

  47. Duane Holmes

    Thanks Craig !

  48. Vernon E. Warner, Jr.

    Excellent Blog like usual, fantastic selection of cigars.

  49. Patrick Geer

    I’ve only had a chance to smoke a couple of those, but they are a great cigar. Wonderful prize! Thanks Craig and Holt’s! Here’s to luck!

  50. Jerry B

    Thanks Craig. I’m in!

  51. Great giveaway Craig! I’m in!

  52. Marco LEbron

    Not sure how to enter the contest but greatly appreciated. Those are some nice cigars.

  53. Zeegarboy

    Wasn’t one of those smokes in that sampler cigar of the year recently?

  54. mike mccain

    not a bad cigar in that sampler…happy father’s day to all the dads who smoke, and happy mother’s day to those who don’t

  55. Dan Colley

    Anything that Don Pepin Garcia touches is gold !!! There’s not an even average cigar in that lot. All are top shelf. Thanks for putting this one on.

  56. Gary D

    Worthy of Father’s Day for sure!

  57. Donald Santos

    Great gift for dad I know I would love to receive them

  58. Adrian Q

    Great contest!

  59. paul1954

    thanks for the contest, Craig. I really enjoy the La Aroma de Cuba line.

  60. TriMarkC

    These cigars are AWESOME! Another great contest! So thanks to Holts for offering these up, and you to hosting it!

  61. Steve C

    Thanks for another great contest, Craig. Happy Father’s Day to all.

  62. I haven’t won, recently or otherwise, and I was legal to buy tobacco before you were born. 🙂

    (Plus, avid follower of the blog. Thanks! )

  63. Freakboy791

    Great giveaway. Thanks to Craig and Lexi. These are my favs. I love almost any Pepin / My Father smoke. Happy Father’s Day.

  64. Tim Brannon

    Craig, thanks for opportunity to win a terrific selection of cigars!

  65. Larry Heffernan

    love your contests Craig!

  66. Swede214

    As always, thanks Craig and Holt’s

  67. KOPTim

    Craig – I know I am “recent winner”, so I ‘recuse’ myself from the contest, but just wanted to comment and by way of FYI: from Holt’s email – on June 23rd, Meet the legendary Jose “Pepin” Garcia and the Garcia family in person at each of our bustling Holt’s retail locations! Every Pepin-made cigar in our massive inventory will be eligible for amazing in-store only specials. Enjoy unprecedented access to many of the rarest and highest-rated cigars ever made, including Cigar Aficionado’s current “#1 Cigar of the Year,” My Father Le Bijou 1922! The perfect opportunity to purchase La Aroma de Cuba, My Father, Flor de Las Antillas, San Cristobal, Don Pepin, Jaime Garcia and many more brands is just around the corner, only at Holts! – and no worries, we will find some time to get it together. We just need to retire from our day jobs !

  68. Commish

    Another great contest and also THANKS A BUNCH HOLT!

  69. Joe Canez

    Awesome contest!! Happy Father’s day everyone!!

  70. Maineiac

    Hopefully Happy Father’s Day to me

  71. I had no idea these were Garcia.

  72. Steve W.

    As always, thanks for the contest!

  73. Charlie Hascall

    Thanks Cigar-Craig for the contest! Happy Fathers Day!

  74. smoke770

    Thanks for the contest