Enter the IPCPR Inside the Box Contest!

Here’s a chance to win a trip to the IPCPR show in Vegas, with reimbursement for airfare and two night’s hotel stay for two for July 27 and 28, 2016. The only thing you have to do is write a statement of between 100-500 words in length, in English, about why you want to attend the Trade Show and about your experience with pipes and/or cigars.  Click on the graphic, or go to http://www.ipcprlegislative.org/insidethebox/ to enter.



I’d love to meet one of you at the show, if you win, please let me know so we can make arrangements to hang out and walk the IPCPR show floor together.  Stay tuned for another great cigar and swag giveaway here in the very near future!  Don’t forget to contact your legislators and urge them to oppose the FDA regulations!  If the FDA has their way, this could be the last IPCPR show as we know it!


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Please, if you haven’t already, go to the following links and sign the petitions.



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4 Responses to Enter the IPCPR Inside the Box Contest!

  1. Dan Colley

    My “whine, complain and grouse” letters are enroute to the lazy slugs that sit in the Congressional chairs in DC. Maybe, the next time one of the lights up a cigar, they will think about how they are allowing the Administration to absolutely crush an entire industry. That is NOT what the Constitution was all about. It was to PROTECT us and not to keep us under the boot heel of the government. I add my sincere request to your readers: PLEASE get your communications on their way. Maybe, just maybe, it will make a difference.

  2. Patrick

    Where is the action by our lobbyists the ipcpr and the CRA. Where’s the publicity and outrage? I

  3. paul1954

    thanks for posting this! I hope to get to meet you there.

  4. Kevin Shahan

    I entered so maybe I’ll see you there!!!

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