Drew Estate Contest Winner Announced! – Sunday, September 5, 2010

I struggled with finding a creative and entertaining way to select a winner in this month’s contest.  The cats haven’t been cooperating, the dartboard thing was downright embarrassing, and my attempt at making a wheel of fortune fell through. I assigned a number to each entrant based upon the order the comments were received, 1 through 24.  I was all ready to use a pair of 12 sided dice and live with the possible outcome of having 2 winners (it’s VERY difficult for 1 to come up with 2 dice, so I would have given out two prizes if I had rolled snake-eyes), but I figured that the odds were weighted poorly for the poor guy who was number 24.  I decided to wuss out and let the “True Number Generator” at Random.org do the dirty work for me.   So here’s a video of the official selection:

We were having a heck of a time getting the camera to focus, but you can see that there was at least some feline involvement as my frequent smoking buddy Frank stopped by.  I’ll need an address from the winner e-mailed to craig@cigarcraig.com at his earliest convenience so I can get the Drew Estate hat, Liga Privada cutter and T52 Belicoso in the mail.  The music in the video is “You Get Me So Excited” by Jim Babjak’s “Music from Jim Babjak’s Buzzed Meg, Vol. 1”.  I want to thank Jim for allowing me to use his music.  Many thanks again to Drew Estate for the great cigars and goodies they sent me so that I can give away cool stuff without having to go deeper into debt :-).


As far as cigar content, I’ve stuck to the old familiars so far this weekend, first being a Friday night Chateau Real Maduro Gran Cru Perfecto which will be sorely missed in my humidor when they are gone.  Real nice cigars as far as I’m concerned.  Saturday was beautiful but windy and, not wanting the wind to spoil a cigar I’d want to pay attention to, I grabbed a National Brand Maduro robusto.  These are such solid performers in flavor and burn that I forgive the sweetened cap.  For $2.25 they get the job done.  Finally, as I type this, I am thoroughly enjoying a  Hoyo de Tradition Toro.  This has made the process of putting the video together which usually makes me swear a lot, quite a bit easier and less profanity laden.

You’ll notice a new thermometer on the right.  My wife Jennifer has joined Team Price is Right as a “virtual walker” in the 26th annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles.  She has mapped out a 10k route locally so she can do her part (Maybe I’ll  walk with her, I need to figure out what cigar will last me 10 kilometers).  If you have the inclination, please consider making a donation to a cause that really doesn’t get that much attention anymore.

That’s it for now, just waiting for an address so I can send off the prize.  Thanks to everyone for your comments, even though, as one person pointed out, I get a lot more when there’s free stuff on the line, I still enjoy comments and e-mails so keep them coming.

Until the next time,




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6 Responses to Drew Estate Contest Winner Announced! – Sunday, September 5, 2010

  1. Congrats to the winner. Great package here. Great contest Craig.

  2. dj

    Aw, Agent86, you couldn’t just name him? I canna get vids @woik.

    Congrats to the mystery man!

  3. Sorry DJ! The winner is J.A.S., at least he is when he sends me his mailing address!

  4. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    Congrats on the win…J.A.S…or, maybe another winner if he does not claim his (I mean, my) prize!!! Keep us posted Craig…

  5. J.A.S.

    Sorry guys!! I just sent my information to Craig, seems like I am still the winner!

    thank you again Craig, you should have an email with my information in your inbox!!

    Anyway, I will post my impressions of the cigar later on this post!!

  6. Another great contest to go with a superb blog…