Drew Estate Cigar Week: Tabak Especial and Joya de Nicaragua Antaño – Sunday May 30, 2010

Thursday evening my son and I went up the road to Light’n Up Cigars for a Drew Estate event.  We were greeted by Ed, the new area rep for DE, who helped my son pick out a selection of cigars.  I picked up a few of the Tabak Especial Coladas in both the Negra and Dolce (Maduro and Shade) wrappers and lit up the Maduro Robusto which was the cigar that I got free with the purchase.  Quite a while ago I had gotten several tins of Mayorga Coffee infused cigars with a purchase of the regular Mayorga cigars.   I enjoyed these as a change of pace for quite a while and the Tabak Especial reminds me of those.  It’s a really well made cigar and you can tell the tobacco is the highest quality.  They are sweet without being too sweet.  I don’t particularly care for flavored cigars, but these are a nice change of pace, not something I’d buy a box of perhaps, but nice to smoke now and then.  If you want to receive an e-mail letting you know when and where to find a Drew Estate event in your area, there is a form on their page for you to subscribe.

A word about the shop, Light’n Up Cigars in Glenmoore, PA.  This is one of a chain of five stores in the Philadelphia area.  The store consisted of an outer shop with accessories and pipes and whatnot and a lounge with a couch, some chairs, and a TV.  There is also a large walk-in humidor with a decent selection of cigars.  The staff that night consisted of the owner and another gentleman, both of whom seemed quite knowledgeable.  I’ve been less than impressed with these stores in the past, but this experience makes me inclined to give them a second chance.  The last couple times I’ve visited I was looking for some budget priced cigars and their selection in that area was very limited.

Last night I had a Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Robusto Grande which was just delicious.  It was lush and full flavored and really satisfying.  This is one of the cigars in the sampler that is one of the prizes in the current contest (leave a comment on my last post to enter), well, not one of the exact cigars, the winner will receive a complete five cigar sampler.  This particular example came from the herf in Reno I attended last November.  These cigar burn like I expect a premium cigar to burn, nice and even with a solid ash.  The draw was a little tighter than I would like, but not so much that it distracted from the flavor.  It’s a Nicaraguan puro with a beautiful oily wrapper which I would stock in my humidor in a heartbeat.

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial  start of summer, and a time to say thanks for all of the fine people who gave their lives so what we can enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy today.

I’m going to head outside with a Chateau Real Maduro Gran Cru Perfecto on this beautiful evening.  Enjoy the holiday and be careful out there!

Until the next time,


Go Flyers!



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2 Responses to Drew Estate Cigar Week: Tabak Especial and Joya de Nicaragua Antaño – Sunday May 30, 2010

  1. Lloyd Ladrillono

    I’ve tried the Tabak Especial Negra a few months ago & really enjoyed it. I recall it being sweet on the lips but just sweet enough in the smoke. I like coffee or cocoa infused cigars but only once in a while.

  2. The Tabak Especial Negra is a great quality cigar. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet taste.