Deadwood Tobacco’s Fat Bottom Betty by Drew Estate

Fat Bottom BettyAs I’m getting my palate back after this cold, I wanted to smoke something with tons of flavor and was fairly new and interesting.  I recently heard Fabian Ziegler, also known as Dirty Fabian, on a podcast or two talking about the line of cigars Drew Estate made for Deadwood Tobacco in South Dakota, and recently took national to their Drew Diplomat accounts. He described it as a variation on the Natural line, which I enjoy now and then because it uses interesting tobaccos like Perique and Syrian tobaccos more often used in pipe tobacco. I want to say that the difference is the maduro wrapper on the Fat Bottom Betty, which I smoked tonight, the line also has the Crazy Alice and the Sweet Jane, three crazy bitches, as Drew Estate describes them.  I even like the sweet cap on these. The Fat Bottom Betty is a 5″ x 54 with an unfinished foot. It starts out very sweet, with the interesting spices from the exotic tobaccos making for a very entertaining smoke. There was a point near the end where I got a hint of a spiced candy that I can’t quite place, but I recognized, whether it was those spiced gumdrops, or some hard candy your grandmother might have had in her candy dish at the holidays, I’m not sure.  It smoked perfectly, as one would expect from a Drew Estate offering.

I admit that I don’t gravitate toward the non-traditional cigar lines, nor fat bottoms,  but this cigar is one I’d smoke again in a heartbeat. This holds true for the Natural (soon to be called the Larutan to avoid trouble, but seriously, cigars are natural, why not be allowed to call them that?) as well, as I’ve really enjoyed the NDB in the past, and owe the rest of the line a try. While I’m thinking about Dirty Fabian, give his podcast a listen, it’s DE4Live, available on iTunes until Apple decides that cigar podcasts go against their terms like Cigar Aficionado’s Where to Smoke App (story at the link if you haven’t heard)…or whatever other podcast app you might use. It’s a fun show.

That’s enough out of me for tonight, until the next time,




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4 Responses to Deadwood Tobacco’s Fat Bottom Betty by Drew Estate

  1. Perietta Migrante

    hi Craig – thanks for the post. the 3 crazy bitches have been on my cigar bucket list for some time. I’ve enjoyed smoking DE’s Natural cigar blend. so far, it hasn’t disappointed my palate. cheers!

  2. Donald Santos

    Hey Craig are you going to do I secret Santa again this year

  3. mike mccain

    Thanks for letting me know that FBB uses Perique and Syrian tobacco, I was unaware of that and I smoke a pipe upon occasion. I have a FBB sitting in my humi, that I will have to revisit to see if I can detect these tobaccos.

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