Cordoba & Morales Cigars at IPCPR 2016

I have heard about Z and Emille from Cordoba & Morales Cigars for a while, but never seemed to connect with them until a guy who started a blog back around the same time I did was doing their PR and asked if I wanted to schedule an appointment. I’ve kept in touch with Dave Payne over the years as he got away from writing, and it was a great pleasure to finally meet him face to face. But this isn’t about meeting someone I started corresponding with in 2009, it’s about a small cigar company and what I think is a powerful message. Here’s the video which originally aired live on Periscope yesterday (hint, follow me on Periscope, I’ll be doing some more today…)


Periscope saves the video in fairly low resolution, so if the quality isn’t up to standards, that’s why. I don’t recommend watching it on a 42″ TV (but how many of you are?).  Thanks to Z for talking with me, his lovely wife Emille, and Dave for setting this up. Best of luck to Cordoba & Morales cigars!

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  1. mike mccain

    have a great time

  2. Freakboy791

    Keep up the great work Craig.

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