Cigars So Far This Week: Rocky Patel, Oja,Hoya de Monterrey, 601 La Bomba

Off to a good start this week, I mailed my application for an Internet Media Membership for the IPCPR, in hopes of attending the trade show next month in Las Vegas.  As I previously reported, I made my reservations over the weekend, so that part is already taken care of.  I look forward to attending with the appropriate credentials, as well as seeing a lot of old friends and meeting a bunch of friends I haven’t yet met!

So, I started the week with a gifted Rocky Patel torpedo, a dark cigar with a secondary band identifying it as a Fusion MM.  Information was hard to come by on this cigar, but I surmise that it is a Maduro Maduro, judging by both the flavor and the MM on the band.  I received this cigar in a package from Tommy Berry, who I told that it was MY job to send cigars, not his!  Kids these days, they never listen!  Thanks for a tasty treat in this cigar!  I don’t smoke a lot of RP cigars, not for any reason really, they just never seem to appear in my humidors.  This dark cigar took a few clips to get past a pretty tight bunch at the foot, but it burned and drew nicely after I found the right spot.  Chocolaty and smooth, it was all I look for in a maduro cigar.  It was good for a walk to the store, and another 45 minutes or so on the front porch upon my return.

The next cigar so far this week was another sample from Oja Cigars, from Nicaragua.  I mentioned before meeting Luis, the manufacturer of these cigars, at Cigar Safari and he was kind enough to send me some samples.  This example was a powerhouse, strong, dark flavors in the 6″ x 50 toro with what I believe to be a Brazilian wrapper.  I’ll get into more details after I’ve had a chance to enjoy more of these, and keep an eye on this name, and watch for a chance to win some of these here in the not too distant future.

In the “New Inmates in the Humidor” department, I used my Groupon for last week to purchase a box of Hoyo de Monterrey Sabrosos in Maduro.  The transaction went well, and I received the box in two days.  The Hoyos are an old-school petit corona, and I fired on up after a week’s rest. It was a nice smoke that will smooth out with some age.  It had the sort of mouth coating feel that licorice gives, and was a nice little smoke. I had to wait until I made some room in the coolerdor before placing the order, but the little box of maduro beauties fit in very nicely.  These will be a very nice smoke for the winter “Take A Cigar For A Walk” times, as 5″ x 40 is a very manageable quick smoke.

Tonight, as I’m writing this, I’m smoking a 601 La Bomba which I received a few weeks ago in a little box along with a 601 and a Murcialago, both of which I’ve enjoyed thoroughly in the past. This cigar, measuring a nearly perfect 5½” x 46, has a long tail on the cap, reminiscent of a firecracker.  A harbinger of things to come?  I think so.  This cigar was a chore to light, it very stubbornly took the flame, but when it was lit, it assailed the taste buds with a ton of spicy cigar goodness.  It grabs you by the collar and demands your attention.  If I were to guess, I’d say that this is loaded with ligero, as it slapped me around the block, and went out easily if ignored for too long.  Every re-light was almost a pleasure though, as that strong, spicyness stayed with this cigar to the end. I’m working on nubbing this one, as I beads of sweat begin to form on my brow.  As cool as this cigar is visually with the long tail, that is soon gone, and the real fun begins. Perfect burn and draw, and tons of smoke.  A clear winner in the taste and power department.

Well, it’s time to test the theory that sugar cures a case of the nic-sweats and grab a glass of sweetened iced tea before mowing the lawn, don’t expect straight lines in the grass after the last cigar!  It’s a good thing I have a small yard and it’s not too hot out! Many thanks to Tommy, Luis and Eddie for thesse cigars, and I hope to see at least two of you in Vegas in a few weeks.  I also hope to finally meet Jose Blanco, whom I just learned (story here) is retiring from La Aurora.  I’m sure he’ll be sorely missed there, but I doubt he’ll disappear from the cigar world for long!

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3 Responses to Cigars So Far This Week: Rocky Patel, Oja,Hoya de Monterrey, 601 La Bomba

  1. Lloyd L.

    That 601 Bomba scares me! I think I’ll keep the one I have down at the bottom of my humidor for awhile; long enough for me to muster up the cojones to take on that piece of dynamite!

  2. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    Awesome reviews Craig. I really enjoy it when you have a collection of sticks like this on the review. Also, you are correct…MM is their double maduro…and no, I will never listen!