Cigar Mojo Event, More Leaf by Oscar Cigars and the 12 Days of Spectacular Cigar Giveaways!

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Thursday evening I found myself back at Cigar Mojo in King of Prussia,  PA for their inaugural event with Drew Estate. Drew sales rep Chris Stone was there with my dear friend  Pedro Gomez, the DE Factory Ambassador and Cigar Safari ring leader.  Trae and Wade had a full house and a load of great Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua product on hand. My brother-in-law Jeff came along with me and we spent the evening schmoozing and making some new friends. We smoked some Nica Rusticas and some MUWAT Baitfishes that were great!   Considering this event happened at the same time as he Big Smoke in NYC, it was a great crowd. I know there are a bunch of folks who would probably have been there if they weren’t in New York. I personally preferred the smaller crowd here to the mayhem that I imagine Big Smoke to be.  Once again, if you are in the Philadelphia area, seek out Cigar Mojo.  It’s a great new shop with a good selection and a really nice lounge.  Are massage chairs and pedicures in their future?  🙂


LeafbyOscar_HabanoI’ve been working my way through Island Jim Robinson’s Leaf by Oscar sampler and smoked the Habano Friday evening. This one has an Ecuador Habano wrapper over binder and filler from Honduras.  This is a sweet smoke!  I very much enjoyed the well balanced flavor of this cigar.  As I said, it had a delicious sweetness and smoked very well.  Saturday I went with the LeafbyOscar_SumatraSumatra wrapped version, which uses a Ecuador Sumatra wrapper over the same Honduran filler. This was also a really tasty smoke, but didn’t excite me quite as much as the Habano.  It also burned well.  So far, I have to put the Habano first on my list, followed by the Maduro, then the Sumatra, which is surprising, because I usually prefer Maduros, but a great Habano wrapper always makes my taste buds dance.  I’ll try to get to the Connecticut later today. I’ll leave an update in the comments when I smoke it.  I can see picking up the Habano again for sure and they are all good in their LeafbyOscarSamplerown ways.  It’s almost a shame the hide the really pretty wrappers under the tobacco leaf outer wrapping. Thanks to George Rodriguez for passing these along for me to try! These are showing up all over the place, but are available on their site here. Now….what am I going to do with the tobacco leaves that these come packaged in?



The next post you see here will be on Thursday, Dec 12, which will be Day One of this year’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways!  It will be the first time in a long time that I’ve skipped a Wednesday post but I think you’ll all be OK with it considering what’s to follow. For those who are new to this, here’s how it works: for 12 consecutive days I get up really early and post that day’s contest, along with the previous day’s winner (except for day 1, that would be silly). Your responsibility is to leave a comment which is your entry.  One comment only please, and I can tell if multiple comments come from the same place! Please feel free to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or whatever, but only comments left on that day’s post are counted (unless otherwise noted). Once you’ve won, you’re done, but we start out on the first day with everyone eligible. I use the random number generator at to select the winner and all decisions are final. Please be aware that I take great pains to ensure accuracy! So good luck. This is my way of saying “thanks” to my loyal readers and promoting some great cigar companies. Please try to visit the links to the vendors in each day’s post too, I want them to know that they aren’t giving away hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for nothing!  It’s the winner’s responsibility to contact me with their shipping information and I’ll do my best to get your present to you before Christmas! I’m looking forward to getting this going!


That’s it for today, until the next time (when things go CRAZY!),





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  1. Jake

    This is going to be spectacular!

  2. I smoked the Leaf by Oscar Connecticut today while walking in the snow. I have strong feelings about this cigar. This may be tied with the Habano for my favorite in the line, and possibly the best Connecticut wrapped cigar I’ve smoked in quite some time. Smooth, rich, loaded with flavor, even given the weather conditions! Great cigar, even if Connecticut cigars aren’t your thing. This is a must try!

  3. Agent 86

    Wow, never heard of todays smokes. Interesting.

  4. Swede214

    Just to say “Thanks for the contest”

  5. George Satterfield


    WOO HOO !!! It’s always a blast hanging with any of the DE crew. Love this column and almost read every one. Merry christmas to you and your family see ya round soon.


  6. JScott

    CraigDude, you rock! Looking forward to Thursday.

  7. commish

    Looking forward to another season of giving!!!! Always appreciate your feedback on the smokes.

  8. TriMarkC

    I enjoy your blog posts all year, and find your reviews pretty close to my own views on various cigars. Which is a good thing when it comes to picking up new sticks – I can usually tell from your reviews if I’ll likely like it or not.

    So, Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year, my friend!


  9. czerbe

    And Christmas is coming Early… I hope !!!

  10. Mr Daniel A Santopietro

    Truly a great giveaway. Hope to be blessed with it. Merry Christmas to all and to all a great smoke.

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