Craig Vanderslice turned to cyberspace in 1996 to explore his interest in the world of cigars and in the process came upon many newsgroups, chat rooms, websites and podcasts devoted to the subject. In the years since, Craig has gained many wonderful friends that include fellow Brothers of the Leaf and cigar industry professionals. Now Craig’s chronicling his personal cigar adventures via his own website, www.CigarCraig.com, where he will review cigars, cigar magazines, cigar bars, cigar accessories, and anything else that he damn well pleases. Along the way, Craig will be sharing his marvels and misfortunes that will no doubt involve his cigar smoking friends and family.


The Rating Scale

I’ve instituted a tongue-in-cheek ratings scale that is a ten point scale from 91-100, with 100 being the best cigar ever and 91 being abysmal.  Basically, it’s a 1-10 scale poking fun at other rating scales.  So if you see someone saying that they got a 93 rating on CigarCraig.com, you can have a little chuckle along with me.


While I rarely if ever ask for samples to review, when I receive gratis cigars I’ll disclose that, and always offer my opinion of those cigars just as I would ones I paid for.  I occasionally receive items to give away in contest, and many times will offer contest items from my own humidor and any costs associated with the contests are paid for by me.

This blog is being hosted at www.CigarCraig.com the domain name that Craig’s wife bought for him for his 46th birthday.

Craig can be reached by e-mailing craig@cigarcraig.com


3 Responses to About/Contact

  1. Howard Siegel

    Hi Craig,

    This was my first time visiting your blog.

    I sure enjoyed it!!! I have been enjoying cigars for over 30 years. I was so passionate about cigars I decided I wanted to be part of the industry and went to work for Lane Limited in the early 90’s. At the time Lane Limited was a full line importer and distributor of tobacco products and accessories.

    I am now the regional vice-president for S.T. Dupont on the West Coast.

    I hope you attend the IPCPR this year in New Orleans. Please come by the S.T.Dupont booth and say hello.

    Keep up the great work!!!

    Best Regards,

    Howard Siegel
    S.T.Dupont Paris

  2. Jeff West

    When I need cigar advice, there’s one place to go cigarcraig.com.

  3. Tommy Zman

    Hey Craig,

    I’m Tommy Zman and I’ve done a lot of stuff in the Cigar world for the past decade, including – feature writer for Cigar Magazine for over 6 years, over 5 years as the creator & author of JR Cigars Blog, and just a ton of other leaf related goodness.

    I’ve been doing a lot of YouTube video work and I have collaborated with Glynn Loope at Cigar Rights of America and created a CRA awareness video. It is MIND BOGGLING how many cigar smokers have NO IDEA what’s going on with the FDA and so many have never even heard of CRA!

    So, I’m asking if you would please consider posting the link & something about the video on your site, all to help the cause. I DON’T get paid by CRA – I’m doing this on my own dime because of my passion for this amazing industry that faces possible extinction.

    I have a pretty huge social following, FaceBook, etc, and I will most certainly promote YOU & your site as well!

    Let me know what you think – I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it.

    Thanks so much, I’m looking forward to hearing from you,
    Tommy Z

    MY CRA Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG_v9udvUoM

    My Web Site – http://tommyzman.com/

    My YouTube Channel Page – http://www.youtube.com/zmanmediagroup