A Tatuaje and L’Atelier Event and the Philly Cigar Festival Contest Winner

Tat1Monday evening I found myself again at Cigar Mojo in King of Prussia, PA at the Tatuaje/L’Ateliar “Oh F*ck I’m Lost” bus tour stop. This was a huge event, as you might imagine. Pete Johnson, Casper Johnson and Dan Welsh were on hand for the event, they’ve been travelling around in a beautiful tour bus and visiting stores along the tat2way. Cigar Mojo had tons of stock on hand, and appear to have had a good sales day!  I picked up a couple singles and the tour special pack with five cool cigars that I haven’t yet taken the time to identify. If someone would fill me in, I’d be grateful (what can I say, I’m lazy). I lit up a Tatuaje Reserva K222 and went about schmoozing with friends old and new. On hand was a vintage travel trailer fitted as a bar mixing drinks and a BarBQue tat3trailer serving food. They had boxes of Pork Chops, bundles of Pork Tenderloins and  Le Vignoble available with the purchase of another box of qualifying cigars, all of which sold out. I chose the K222  since I’d smoked it before and would be distracted. It was and is a great cigar, Ecuador Habano wrapper and made in Miami. It was a great event, lots of great folks and I enjoyed the evening. tat4


Last night I smoked the Tatuaje Reserva Miami Cojono 2006, a 5½ x 52 belicoso. Another great smoke, rich, complex flavors of espresso and earth. It, like the K222, had a great burn and draw, and I very much enjoyed it. Tatuaje cigars have always been special occasion cigars for me, so the last couple days were pretty special. I look forward to smoking my way through the  “Oh F*ck I’m Lost” sampler. Pete and his crew are a great bunch, it’s always a treat to spend a little time with them, and I’m glad I finally got to meet Casper and Dan and was sorry KC wasn’t there.  Cigar Mojo did a good job considering there were easily a hundred people there at a time, and while the shop is a good size, that’s a large crowd.


It’s time to choose the winner of the ticket to the Philly Cigar Festival, happening June 3, 2017 in Pottstown, PA. I’m looking forward to hanging out with the winner at the event!  Out of the 21 entries (adjusted for those who commented that they wouldn’t be able to attend), the random number generator at Random.org spit out the number 19, which corresponds to Michael shore. Please send me your full name and contact information so I can pass it on to the event organizers to get your ticket processed.


That’s all for today, until the next time,





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3 Responses to A Tatuaje and L’Atelier Event and the Philly Cigar Festival Contest Winner

  1. Frank Germaine

    Congrats Michael Shore!

  2. Freakboy791

    Craig, the Tats are the first cigars I reach for if they are an option. L’atelier / Surrogates are a great option too when the money is tighter. Great value in those. The one I’m really hooked on at the moment is the Cracker Crumbs – hands down the best little cigars I’ve had.

  3. Dan Colley

    I gotta tell ya that Gainesville, FL is NOT a cigar hot spot. The odds of a cigar event occurring here are somewhere between P*$$ poor and terrible. The closest event I’ve even heard of was in Jacksonville Beach, FL and that is a two hour drive. They always happen on work days for me, so I don’t get to many of them !!! That’s too bad because it sounds like you had a good time. I’d love to meet Pete Johnson and smoke a Tatuaje with him. I’ve been very partial to the Tatuaje Havana VI line, regardless of the size. I try to grab some when I can find a bargain (which is a pretty rare occasion).

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