A Monte Pascoal Cigar, Beatles and Other Assorted News Items

It’s been an odd week!  Since Sunday I’ve only managed a couple cigars, one of which was a Monte Pascoal Corona and the other doesn’t warrant mention, unfortunately.  The Monte Pascoal is a Brazilian puro and a very nice cigar. I’ve heard it described as “Cubanesque”, but I don’t get that.  What I get is a well made and tasty smoke.  I’ve smoked several sizes and I think this corona is one of my favorites.  It’s loaded with flavor.  The other cigar I had, which will remain nameless, was a disappointment, it didn’t draw well, and wasn’t particularly pretty, and the flavor was just OK, nothing special. I could excuse some of these in a cheap bundle cigar, but not in a Super Premium cigar.  I’ll write it off as another failed experiment and more forward.



In an odd cross-over, my friend Mitchell Orchant, of C.Gars Ltd., recently came into possession of, and sold, a rare framed presentation of Beatles banded cigars.  The story is currently featured on BeatlesNews.com.  I guess I need to hold on to the Burt Reynolds and Mickey Rooney cigars I have buried in a humidor someplace (I always wondered why the Mickey Rooney is a Churchill and not a robusto!)


In other news, I received an e-mail this week from Enrique Seijas telling me about his new project since leaving Altadis. CigarCountry.com sells name brand, premium cigars, and you can get them with custom printed cello or cedar sleeves.  The price is extremely competitive and I’m seriously looking for a good reason to buy a box with my name and website on the cello.  I wish they’d been around when my daughter was married, and they are a great step up from the usual “It’s A Boy/Girl” cigars.  It’s a very cool idea, check it out.


Some upcoming events to look forward to:  The Chattenooga Tweetup in August (info here). The Delaware Cigar Festival in September (info here, apologies to non-Facebook users!) I got an e-mail from Sir Stogies, a really nice little shop in Gilbertsville, PA saying that Jose Blanco was going to be there on Tuesday, June 26 at 11am. Another case of the day job getting in the way of fun!  Another event I plan on trying to get to is a Drew Estate event on Thursday, June 28 at a much more realistic time of 6pm, at the Humidor at the Leaf, which is Famous Smoke Shop’s retail store in Easton, PA.  Of course there’s the Jose Blanco blending event hosted by Buttheads Tobacco Emporium tomorrow, June 21, which will be a first of it’s kind live stream event.


I’ve come up with about as much non-sense as I can muster, but I have one more piece of business to attend to.  It seems that our winner of the last contest never came forward to collect his prize. I sent two e-mails and didn’t get a reply.  So I have to select an alternate winner.  Random.org spit the number 18 at me this time, which corresponds to my old buddy Bob Greene.  I’ve known Bob for years, and I’m certain he will enjoy Mitchell’s book!  Bob, please send your mailing address so I can get this stuff out to you!


That’s all for now, until the next time,




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  1. jjo

    LOL, I think I know what the disappointment was. Yes, I saw a tweet. Unfortunate, since the ones I’ve had were really enjoyable, but I appreciate and respect that you won’t trash it publicly just because your experience wasn’t.
    I had a Monte Pascoal last week, and although I enjoyed the first half, it seemed to lose steam in the second. The flavors were pretty unique while they lasted.

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