A Monte Pascoal, an ORTSAC 1962, a CAO OSA Sol and a Video

My Wednesday “Take a Cigar for a Walk” cigar was a Monte Pascoal Belicoso courtesy of Wes Gensel at Monte Pascoal. I recently included one of these in a prize pack and figured it might be a good idea to sample one myself before I give them all away!  This is a 5½ x 52 belicoso that really burned well. It’s a Brazilian puro that has a very nice, well balanced flavor.  I often think of Brazilian wrappers being maduro, which this one is not, but I’d love to try this cigar with an Arapiraca wrapper.  One does not often find a Brazilian puro, but this is one to seek out and try.


Friday I took the heater out on the back deck and fired up an ORTSAC 1962 Bulletproof Robusto.  I got this from the IPCPR show, where an old friend happened to be working in the booth.  Mike introduced me to Victor Vitale who gave me the tour. I  included a video of Victor talking about this cigar before (here).   I think the name ORTSAC is dumb, I don’t mind saying it.  However, it’s a well made and reasonably tasty cigar, although it wasn’t overly distinctive to me. One of the interesting things about this cigar is that it comes packaged in a ballistic nylon/kevlar “box”, which really does nothing to enhance the flavor of the cigar, but it is kind of neat and stands out on the shelf.  Again, dumb name, pretty OK cigar.


Saturday’s “Take a Cigar for a Walk” cigar was an CAO OSA Sol Lot 54.  This is a hefty 6 x 54 cigar that  I’ve enjoyed before.  I really enjoyed this one.  In the past, I’ve thought that the Lot 50 was better, and that may be true, but this particular example was much better than the previous one I smoked.  These have a “bright”, kind of refreshing flavor to them that I enjoy.  Good for a mile or so and the necessary “cool down” in the front porch afterward.


Since I don’t have too much to say this time around, so I thought I’d include a video from the IPCPR show.  I met Don Juan of Dignity Cigars at a General Cigar event which was held at a swanky night club.  I had just wandered in and was at the bar to get a Coke and he introduced himself.  We made arrangements to meet the following day on the show floor.  He gave me one of his organically grown and eco-friendly Costa Rican puros at the time and I recall enjoying it, although it’s really hard to pay a lot of attention to samples smoked at the show.  Needless to say, I didn’t take notes, but I will pick one up to re-sample the next time I come across one.  Here’s a little video from the show, standard volume disclaimers and apologies apply!  Thank you to Don Juan for taking the time to talk to me, he’s a super nice guy!

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