A Couple of San Lotanos and a Visit to Olde World Tobacco

When was the last time you had two darn near perfect cigars in a row?  This was the case with the last two cigars I had: a San Lotano Habano Lancero and a San Lotano Maduro Robusto.  Thursday I took a drive after work to Lancaster, PA to a shop called Olde World Tobacco.  I can remember visiting this place when it was just a counter in a leather shop, maybe a dozen years ago.  It’s developed into quite a nice shop.


My primary motivation for going was to meet John Demharter, a manufacturers rep for many of my favorite cigars.  He was there with the San Lotano line and I was in the mood for an indoor cigar so I took the forty-five minute drive.  I grabbed a couple cigars and lit up a Habano Lancero.  Up to this point I’d only had the Oval, which, of course, is an exceptional cigar.  The Lancero was smooth, rich and delicious.  I sipped it, as one should with a cigar of this shape, and finished with about a half and inch left. I had a really nice time talking with John, who is a very nice guy, despite the fact that he’s from Pittsburgh and is probably a Penguins fan.


Olde World Tobacco is a fairly well appointed shop.  There is a coffee bar as you walk in, a small seating area with 3 tables, then the counter.  Humidor cabinets line the other two walls.  The cabinets seemed to be fairly sparsely stocked, but there is a nice selection there and the prices seemed fairly reasonable.  The area where the shop is located is basically a tourist area, there are outlet malls, a children’s theme park that been there since I was young (which is a long time!) and lots of Amish attractions, so one might expect prices to be a little higher than normal.  There seems to be a regular crowd of guys there smoking, who seemed to be having a good time, and the staff was very attentive.  This store features a Diamond Crown Lounge, and when you get past the shop in front, you move into a series of rooms with leather chairs and TVs that look very comfortable.  There are also some private lockers and I’m told they have an area outside for warm weather events.  It was a very nice experience and I’d go back or stop in if in the area.


My Friday night walk featured the San Lotano Maduro Robusto that I picked up at the event.  I’m a sucker for a box pressed maduro, and this one looked too delicious to not smoke.  It’s funny how one can have dozens of choices, but that one new arrival begs to be smoked.  And I’m glad I did, however I’m disappointed that I only bought the one!  It was the perfect choice, like smoking a nice dark chocolate bar.  Rich, cocoa-coffee, sweet and creamy  flavors that I was very sorry to put down when it started burning my fingers.  Have I mentioned that I love a properly made San Andreas Mexican maduro wrapper?   I loved the way it burned, a nice, flat coal.  It is such an accomplishment to blend a cigar that all the tobaccos used burn at the exact same rate.  It’s a rare and beautiful thing.   I can’t wait to smoke more of these, and look forward to a maduro Oval one day!


That’s about it for now.  We had a little snow here in SE PA this weekend, it should be gone by Monday.  This winter is turning out a lot better than last year, snow wise, which is a nice change of pace.  Once again, if you haven’t sent letters to your elected officials what are you waiting for?  Our rights and privileges are eroding as we speak, and the FDA will completely screw up an age old industry.  People like Snoop Dogg releasing news that he is bringing a cigar to the market that will be sold in two packs retailing for $1 do more to damage the industry than just about anything.  Here’s the link again: Cigar Rights of America and IPCPR.


Also, you might notice some layout changes.  I got a new logo, thanks to Amy at Brandland –brandland.etsy.com, and am in the process of tweaking a new theme.  Let me know what you think!


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11 Responses to A Couple of San Lotanos and a Visit to Olde World Tobacco

  1. Jake

    Hey, Craig.
    I really like the new looks of the site, but I have one small complaint, and that’s probably just because I’m blind as a bat. With the active links being in sky-blue, they’re kinda hard for my old eyes to see. Maybe I’m the only one. Other than that one thing everything else looks great. Keep up the good work!

  2. MoBarbq

    Lancaster County… isn’t that County kinda considered the center of the Pennsylvania tobacco belt? The Amish grow some wonderful broadleaf, I understand. (Always surprises many to learn that the Amish even grow tobacco, but that could probably be a whole ‘nuther post)

    • Yup, the Amish grow a lot of tobacco, largely because it brings in good money. They get the whole family out harvesting. I don’t know where the PA broadleaf is grown but I’ll do my best to find out!

  3. Lloyd L.

    I really liked the San Lotano Maduro. Good rich, chocolatey flavors.
    Nice surprise to see a change of looks on your page!

  4. Swede214

    Looks good Craig, I like it, the color not that bad, we’ll wait and see what you change.

  5. Allen

    Craig site looks good, almost thought i logged onto the wrong website. I didn’t realize you were from that part of PA. I have a lot of family in Lebanon that have lived their all their lives. I have spent many summers and winters up there. After joingin the Navy i haven’t been able to make too many trips back east.

  6. The Amish do a lot of good business up there with hand grown and handcrafted products; doesn’t surprise me that tobacco is one of them.

  7. Taking a cue from you, I had Amy do a logo for me as well. It’s up now, but there will be a number of changes coming down the pike in the next few days/weeks. I told her I got her info from your site. She says thanks!

    • Excellent! She was a pleasure to work with and did a nice job! Congrats on the new logo! Will we be seeing her logos throughout the cigar world? 🙂