A CAO MX2 and Getting Ready for a Cigar Trip

The other night I was in a maduro mood again.  I came across a lonely CAO MX2 Rob in the humidor and figured that it would do nicely.  I passed over an Italia, as much as I really want to like that cigar for whatever reason (and I really don’t know what compels me to want to like it so much), I just haven’t had one that burns worth a darn, and I just can’t enjoy it when it mis-behaves like that.  The MX2 was a totally different story.  The burn and draw were exceptional.  I punched this one, and generally when I use a punch I end up dissatisfied with the draw and end up cutting it.  This one I was able to finish with the punch cut.  It has a broadleaf maduro wrapper with a Brazilian maduro binder so you get a double dose of rich flavors not unlike a bakers chocolate, or a semi-sweet chocolate.  I can eat Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate all day long and I could probably smoke these all day long as well.  I’ve been hit or miss with CAOs, but this one is a winner for me.

I’m packing for a cigar vacation this week,  heading to Nicaragua to Cigar Safari at the Drew Estate Factory.  Clearly this is a dream vacation for a cigar nut.  I am looking forward to seeing the nuts and bolts of the manufacturing process and maybe even smoking a few cigars along the way.  Now I just have to throw some shorts and t-shirts in a suitcase, as well as a few cigars and toiletries.  I’m told that the Wi-Fi is excellent at the factory so I’ll take my computer and hope to at least upload some photos along the way so stay tuned.  I’m hoping to get a “Take a Cigar for a Walk” article from Tommy in before I leave Tuesday.  If anyone has any questions they’d like me to ask, please leave a comment.  So far, my questions are:  What ever happened to the “Industrial Press” line, I really liked those, and what is the status of one of my favorites, the Chateau Real Maduro, which I think I’ve heard that they are discontinuing.  Let me know what you want me to ask!

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