A 5 Vegas Miami, a Reinado GER and a Nica Rustica Cigar

Things have been going very well with our new dog, Macha.  She’s a sweetie, and we’ve been taking short walks since she’s only been three legged for a few weeks.  She does remarkably well, and we learned something about her tonight: she’s not a fan of thunderstorms! We also found out that she CAN go up the stairs, where she ran to hide. I’m hoping none of our neighbors have fireworks this weekend!  She’s been a joy so far, I think we got lucky.


5VegasMiami_ToroMonday I selected a 5 Vegas Miami Toro, a traditional 6″ x 50.  This cigar has a Ecuador Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and smoked very well. These are made in the G.R. Tabacaleras Co. in Miami.   I received this sample in a pack from Gran Habano, and I really haven’t smoked many 5 Vegas cigars lately. This was a really tasty and well behaved cigar despite having a slight bend to it. I found it to have a nice strength, and some pepper and nuts.  I really enjoyed this cigar after a short walk and hanging out on the deck with the dog.


reinadoGER_EC_PetitLanceroPlease join me in welcoming Reinado Cigars to the CigarCraig Family!  Click the graphic on the right sidebar to see everything they have to offer in the Reinado Empire! I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Antonio Lam, the man behind the brand on numerous occasions and he’s a great guy, and makes some delicious cigars. Tuesday I decided to smoke their newest offering, the Reinado Grand Empire Reserve Ecuador Connecticut Petit Lancero. This cigar is being released at the IPCPR show later this month, so look for it on store shelves sometime soon. My only complaint with this cigar is the “petit” part, I wished it was a longer cigar, the experience ended too soon. I seem to be smoking quite a few really good Ecuador Connecticut cigars lately, and I don’t regularly reach for that wrapper. Along with cigars like the Recluse Amadeus, the Nomad Connecticut Fuerte, and the Jaxx LT, this is another winner in that category. A few years ago the “not your father’s Connecticut” schtick was getting a little tired, but this years batch of Connecticuts are very good. The Reinado is medium bodied and loaded with flavor, and is smooth and well balanced. This would be a great cigar in the morning with a cup of coffee.  If it were 7½” x 38 instead of only 6″ it would be even more awesome than it is.  If I were using my rating scale with this one it would fall somewhere between 98 and 99!


Nica Rustica_El BrujitoTonight I was lazy and grabbed a Nica Rustica El Brujito from Drew Estate. I make sure I have some of these on hand at all times, as it’s become one of my favorite go-to cigars.  After a short walk with the dog, who lets me know when she’s ready to head home by stopping and refusing to go any further, forcing me to turn back. We sopped to introduce her to a neighbor and we talked for five minutes before she realized the dog was missing a leg. Macha doesn’t realize she’s any different from any other dog.  As I said before, a thunderstorm rolled in, frightening the dog and forcing me into the garage to finish my cigar. The Nica Rustica is a terrific smoke, if you like no-nonsense, strong, dark flavors. The Broadleaf wrapper is dark and rustic, and has some sweetness. I miss the wild grown nicotiana rustica that they used in the prototypes, but the regular production is really good.


Once again, don’t forget to head over to Cigar Rights of America and follow the links to comment on the FDA Deeming Document. In talking with Glynn Loope on Saturday he pointed out that two of our (Premium Cigars) opponents are the health care organizations and big tobacco! I guess I get the fact that the cigarette companies want the playing field leveled, but it’s a shame that they aren’t fighting more tobacco legislation instead of trying to hurt the cigar industry. The FDA needs to know that regulation of Premium Cigars will not only put Americans out of work and close hundreds of small businesses, but will have a devastating impact on the economies of the cigar and tobacco producing companies in the Caribbean and Central America. We need to push for exemption with no price or weight restrictions, or all of the cigars will be over $10 and we won’t have new blends, cigar events, or any of the other cool things we enjoy about this adult pastime.


If you get a chance, check out Houston’s Prime Living Magazine.  Page 55 has a little article about cigars in what looks like it will be a regular cigar feature.  That’s it for now, until the next time,





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7 Responses to A 5 Vegas Miami, a Reinado GER and a Nica Rustica Cigar

  1. thetentman

    I too really liked the 5 Vegas Miami. Got 2 from Cigarfest and enjoyed both. Nica Rustica El Brujito,is a very nice cigar but all the ones I have had (5) have had issues with the cap unraveling. Still a nice smoke. Cheers.

  2. Dan Colley

    I’m with you on the Nica Rustica. A nice, potent smoke that brings a lot to the table. Drew Estate has always done a nice job with their smokes, but lately, from my perspective, they’ve hit several home runs, including this one. It’s the kind of cigar that demonstrates what I smoke cigars for: good, full-bodied tobacco flavor.

    Like your neighbor, I didn’t realize that your dog was three-legged. I must have missed it in your last post. Your story reminds me of a friend of many years ago who also had a three-legged dog. He had named her “Tripod”. The dog was a sweetie and never knew that she was different from any other dog. Enjoy your new “best friend”.

  3. Patrick

    I have enjoyed the previous Miami blend but found them needing significant humidor time. I will try the new one soon.

  4. Craig

    Nice write up. Glad you have found a new walking companion, she is a beautiful pup. I enjoy my time at home with mine as well, they know when it is time to walk, I take mine twice a day everyday. The cigars look good, I have yet to try the DE Nica Rustica but really want to. Will keep my eyes out for the 5 Vegas and pick some of those up.

  5. Jerry

    I had to laugh about your comment on the bent cigar. I’ve seen a lot of news lately about Monica Lewinsky………

  6. jjo

    Craig, you might say that Macha got lucky as well. Hope you’re enjoying your Fourth!

  7. TriMarkC

    I didn’t realize that your dog was three-legged. I must have missed it in a prior post. I haven’t taken my dogs for a walk with a cigar in like forever — might have to do that tonight. I haven’t tried DE’s Nica Rustica yet, but the 5 Vegas Miamis used to be a go-to cigar for me one summer. Take care!

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