12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Countdown! A Monte Pascoal, a My Uzi and a Cain

It’s been a busy week, I’ve been gearing up for the 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways and the weather was mild and rainy for the fist part of the week, and cold at the end.  This didn’t stop me from getting in a few interesting cigars though!


Mid way through the week I took a walk with a Monte Pascoal Minuto.  This Brazilian puro is a tasty little firecracker of a smoke.  The cigar is 4 3/8″ x 42, with Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper and binder and Mata Fina and Mata Norte fillers.  The word on the street is that the smaller sizes are stronger than the larger sizes, based on the higher wrapper to filler ratio, but I find this difficult to comprehend given that the blend is so heavily weighted toward the same tobacco variety. Perhaps I’ll ask Wes at Tabacos Mata Fina USA about this the next time I see him.


Last night it was cold.  I needed to get some cash, and the nearest ATM is probably a mile and a half away, so I grabbed the 7″x 60 My Uzi Weighs A Ton pre-release sample Jonathan Drew sent me quite a few months ago. This cigar is a joint venture between Joya de Nicaragua and Drew Estate/Subculture Studio, and was released at this years IPCPR show. Certainly this monstrous cigar would last me the entire walk, and then some.  There’s nothing more frustrating that finishing the cigar before the walk.  Anyway, this cigar had a nice flavor, and as has been said many times by others, it’s not a killer strong cigar as the name may imply.  It’s just a really nice, balanced, medium bodied cigar that was an excellent companion for the 3 mile walk!


Yesterday I felt inspired to smoke a Cain Daytona Corona after a big Olive Garden meal with my wife.  I really needed a couple laps around the block to burn off the pasta!  I love the Cain line, but most of them are just too strong for me.  Not the Daytona!  It’s another medium bodied cigar that’s packed with delicious flavors.  What led me to this cigar was a meeting earlier in the day with my areas Oliva rep, Mike Staiber, who provided a terrific prize for the upcoming contest.  Always nice to see Mike, and I wish we’d have had the time to sit and smoke one together.


Speaking of the contest, it starts TOMORROW!  Keep any eye here bright and early each morning for the next two weeks for a fantastic parade of prizes!  Leave a comment to win and check back every day for the winner and the next prize!  This is a contest that is unprecedented in the history of CigarCraig.com!  Many thanks to the following companies who have made this contest possible:

La Gloria Cubana

Villiger Stokkebye

Brothers of the Leaf, LLC

Miami Cigar and Co.



Cigar Journal

Pipes and Cigars

C-Gars Ltd. 

Tabacos Mata Fina USA

Oja Cigars

and more to come!


My deepest gratitude for everyone for helping to make this a terrific 12 days of contests!

That’s it for now, more tomorrow!




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13 Responses to 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Countdown! A Monte Pascoal, a My Uzi and a Cain

  1. Lloyd L.

    When I look at Cain, I usually just pass them by because I hear they’re very strong. I did win a Daytona in a sampler pack a few months back but its just been sitting in my humi. Maybe I’ll bring it to the Chargers game today and smoke it during the tailgate festivities…

  2. foozer69

    nice !! cant wait!!

  3. Great sticks, can’t wait to see the contest unveil…thanks!

  4. Agent 86

    Can’t wait for the contest. The Cain has always been just right for me. Someday I hope to try the Uzi. Last couple days I’ve had the chance to finally try the Liga Undercrown. Wow, that is one nice smoke. I’ve loved every second of it.

  5. MoBarbq

    Now this is some good evidence of Christmas cheer. Looking forward to it. Thanks, Craig!

  6. TriMarkC

    Lloyd – Agreed on the Daytona Cain – give it a try! I’ve shied away from all the Cains for the same reason as you, but gave the Daytona a try after talking to its creator. Now I love them!

    • I’m interested in hearing whether Lloyd smoked it and what he thought. On another note, and a possible future article topic, do you think personal interaction with a cigar maker enhances your enjoyment of a cigar? Discuss…. 🙂

  7. Swede214

    12 Spectacular Days Of Cigar Giveaways Countdown! Now that’s a contest, and what a great time of the year to have it. Thanks Santa!

  8. kekoa kai

    What a great contest idea. Always enjoy your blog, thanks.

  9. Marc Baker

    I love both the MUWAT and Cain Daytona Sticks! Very smooth and balanced.

  10. twolfe44

    great giveaway Hope I win. This is a great gift

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