Wooden Indian Tobacco Shop & Liga Privada Lounge’s Drew Estate Charity Auction

Yesterday was a beautiful Saturday in Southeastern PA, and my wife and I had the great fortune of attending a Drew Estate event at the Wooden Indian Tobacco Shop in Havertown, PA.  I love visiting this shop about 45 minutes from home. Dave Mayer and his staff are always very friendly and professional. The shop and Liga Privada Lounge is a very inviting and comfortable place to shop and relax.  On this Saturday they were having a “Get Lit with Drew Estate ” event and Marvin Samel was, once again, in attendance.  Since first meeting Marvin at their old location a few years ago, I make it a point to visit the store when he’s there.  This time they were having several contests, including a “power smoke”, which involved smoking a Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo to the band in the shortest amount of time.  I passed on participating in this, as much as I love that cigar, because I didn’t want to ruin my palate for the next week, not to mention making myself sick on such a beautiful day!


I managed to shoot a quick video of Marvin where I asked him to speak about the threat we currently face with the possibility of the FDA regulating premium cigars. This is something that Marvin has dedicated the last year or so of his life to fighting, even moving to Washington DC to concentrate on the battle.  Thanks to Marvin for helping preserve our rights!  Here’s the video, which will be featured on the left sidebar along with Tommy Zarzecki’s video promoting Cigar Rights of America.  Alan Price, our local Cigar Rights of America ambassador was there signing up new members.  If you aren’t a member yet, go sign up!


After the contests, they had a series of raffles.  Tickets were given with purchases, and I was fortunate to win a beautiful Xikar lighter courtesy of Xikar, who’s rep David was also on hand.  Many thanks!  I also purchased a raffle ticket for some baskets that had been assembled. One basket of just about every Xikar product imaginable as well some Liga Privada cigars. The other basket contained box upon box of rare Liga Privada and Drew Estate offerings, as well as some hats, booze and other sundries.  All of the proceeds of these raffle items were going to Un Techo Para Mi Pais in Nicaragua to help build homes for the less fortunate, a charity that Drew Estate has embraced in  their neighborhood in Esteli. The crowning event was an auction of an original painting by Jessi Flores, the director of Subculture Studio and the artist responsible for so much of the design work at Drew Estate.  The painting was of all of the Liga Privada cigars that they have produced to date, a beautiful piece of art that we would have loved to have hanging in our home.  I managed to capture the action in this nine-plus minute video.  It ended up in a bidding war between Cortney, who works at the Wooden Indian and my wife, Jennifer.  Unfortunately, Cortney wasn’t to be outbid, and the painting ended up fetching $1500, enough to build a house for a family in Esteli.



While at the event I enjoyed an Undercrown Corona Viva, which is an excellent smoke, maybe my favorite in the line so far.  It was rich and well balanced and characteristically well made.  It was the perfect smoke to enjoy the wonderful company at the lounge.  When I got home I grabbed a Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Robusto as I put away the Cabinetta Lanceros and Undercrowns I had purchased.  I absolutely love this line and every one I smoke brings back memories of my visit to Nicaragua last year.  The cigar is smooth and creamy, delicious.


That was my Saturday.  I hope you enjoy the videos, better than many of my recent IPCPR videos because I’m not in them, right?  🙂


Until te next time,




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3 Responses to Wooden Indian Tobacco Shop & Liga Privada Lounge’s Drew Estate Charity Auction

  1. Agent 86

    Cabinettas are one of my all time favorites. Such a beautifully balanced cigar.
    Sounded like a great event for a great cause.

  2. Patriot Geek

    Wow… wish I could have been there.
    Great video Craig… Keep up the good work.
    Long Ashes my friend…

  3. Swede214

    Great job Craig, enjoyed that!