Wooden Indian Drew Estate Cigar Event, a Joya de Nicaragua and a Chateau Real

Saturday I took a drive with my friend Kyle down to the Wooden Indian Tobacco Store in Havertown, PA for a Drew Estate Event.  This store has one of the only Liga Privada branded lounges in the country and has a very nicely stocked humidor.  The new location is much more comfortable than their old one, which was very small and located tucked into an odd corner in a large strip center.  The store is now, quite wisely I think, located right next door to the Havertown Fire Company.  Marvin Samel, co-owner of Drew Estate, Dave Lafferty, Regional Sales manager, and the local rep, Kevin McCormack were there, as well as Alan Price, our local Cigar Rights of America Ambassador.  I was very fortunate to be able to get some much needed advice on traveling to Nicaragua in the coming weeks from Marvin and Dave, as well as a couple that just made the trip in the last few weeks.  I picked up a couple of Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Robustos that I enjoy quite a bit, and suggested the same for Kyle.  I kind of pride myself on being able to recommend a cigar that I think someone my enjoy, I’m sure all of us cigar nuts can do that to some extent, and Kyle really enjoyed the cigar.  I really like these myself, they are a nice, smooth, good tasting cigar that’s made very well.  The dos capos presentation is interesting and eye-catching, but I don’t really think it adds too much to the flavor of the cigar as far as I’m concerned.  I smoke this one well past the transition to the maduro wrapper.  It was a nice afternoon hanging out with the Drew Estate guys and an old friend who I don’t see very often (but lives within spitting distance of me).

Going a little out of order this time.  Friday evening my wife wanted a cup of decaf coffee from Wawa, which for those in other parts of the county is a very popular convenience store that has pretty good coffee. I grabbed a Chateau Real Gran Cru Perfecto and took a walk.  The closest Wawa is about a mile and a half away, so that’s a three mile walk with a great cigar.  I have really been enjoying these cigars since getting a box over a year ago.  They are perfectly made, have a great cocoa/coffee flavor and at 6″ x 54 fit the walk nicely.  The dark San Andreas wrapper is beautiful and tasty.  I have some questions about these for the factory when I visit.  I’ve smoked a bunch of these as well as the Small Clubs and really enjoy them.  I’m afraid the coffee wasn’t as hot as it could have been by the time I got home (temps were probably in the 40s), but I warned against that going into this, but it was a great walk with a wonderful cigar.

That’s all I have this time, I hope to have another update from Tommy for Wednesday so stay tuned.

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  1. Kyle

    Great time with a great friend watching a great baseball team and smoking a great cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks bud!