Winner of the General Cigar New Releases Contest and the 2015 IPCPR Secret Question

What an excellent turnout we had for this contest. Who can blame the 97 people who entered though, it’s a pretty darned nice bunch of cigars! I almost had second thoughts about including some of them, but cigars are about sharing, and it’s as much fun to give than receive. Before I announce the winner (or to make you go to the trouble of scrolling down to see who won), A couple of years ago I put together a montage video from the IPCPR show, and I decided to do the same thing this time around, with a new and interesting question. The whole point is to keep things light and not to end up with the same interview videos that everyone else does. As always, I strive to be different. Credit goes to my wife, Jennifer, for the idea, and thanks to the thirty-something manufacturers for going along with it! So if you have twelve minutes or so, give this a watch, maybe have a laugh.



ContestOK, so I consulted the random number generator at and it spit out the number 43. I counted the entries and determined that Matt Wells is the winner! Please send your address so I can ship this load of cigars out to you. Thanks to everyone for entering, I think I’ll have contests on the first Wednesdays of the next couple months, so keep an eye open. If you’re on Twitter, follow @CigarContests for the heads up on my contests, as well as other contests going on. Whoever is running this is doing a nice job of curating cigar giveaways. Thanks again to the folks at General Cigar Co.!


That’s it for today, until the next time,





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9 Responses to Winner of the General Cigar New Releases Contest and the 2015 IPCPR Secret Question

  1. Awesome video, definitely not what you usually see for IPCPR =D

  2. Foozer6976

    Awesome congratulations! !!

  3. jjo

    Fun video!

    Congrats to the winner.

  4. Patrick

    Great video, great prize, congrats to the winner

  5. BImpson

    Ward B for the win. Nice job Matt.

  6. Charlie H.

    That was great Craig! Love the secret question!

  7. paul1954

    George Hamilton! Ha! Who wouldn’t want to be played by George Hamilton? Did you write and perform the opening song?

  8. Matt Wells

    Cool video, and thanks!!! Looking forward to those great smokes!

  9. TriMarkC

    Congrats Matt!! Go Ward B!

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