Weekend Cigars: RyJ Short Churchills – Sunday November 14, 2010

To set the stage:  A month or so ago I did a very small favor for one of my readers who wanted to order some merchandise from a company that wouldn’t ship to an APO.  Since I have no problem using USPS.com to ship to one of our members of the military serving his country abroad, I asked him to have the package shipped to me so I could get it to him.  Naturally, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include a couple cigars for him to enjoy, ones from my regular rotation that I wanted to share, and one of the Hamiltons House cigars from the box I purchased after interviewing George Hamilton.  Well, a week or two after he received his box in good order, the same box shows up on my doorstep with return fire.  He took a beautiful Casa Magna box and included several FINE cigars, as well as a note on his stationary and a really cool medallion.  I am humbled by the gift, and am most thankful, these are cigars that I very rarely have the opportunity to sample.  One of these cigars is the subject of this post.

The Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills is a relatively new cigar from Habanos S.A., launched in 2006.  It’s a Robusto measuring 4 7/8″ x 50 and has a nice light colored wrapper.  If this cigar had a box press, it had regained it’s roundness by the time it got into my hands.  As stated in my last post, I have laid off of cigars for the last week and a half or so due to a sinus infection, so I figured it would be as good a time as any to spark up a special cigar.  It was a beautiful autumn day here in south-east PA and I was due to take my Saturday walk to the local convenience store.  I have had he good fortune to smoke it’s namesake, the Churchill on several occasions and have never really been “wow”ed, good cigar, but I was expecting so much more from an iconic cigar.  On the other hand, I bought a box of RyJ Coronita en Cedro, which are a very inexpensive  petit corona that I passed out at my daughter’s wedding a few years back and enjoyed them VERY much.  So I entered into this cigar with moderate expectations, but high hopes that my first cigar in over a week wouldn’t disappoint.   Of course, it didn’t disappoint.  It was a nice, mellow cigar, but had that tell-tale Cuban “twang” that you just don’t taste in non-Cuban cigars. It burned as well as a Havana cigar can be expected to burn, however I did have to re-light it once after setting it down for a few minutes.  Upon re-light it was as good as new, with fairly mellow and woodsy flavors.   I liked it, I would smoke it again in a heartbeat.  I greatly appreciate the gift.

That’s about as close to a cigar review as you can expect from me, until I fire up one of the other cigars in that package.  I’m still working on that contest, and am planning another blockbuster celeb interview for the very near future so stay tuned!

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  1. DB

    I’m humbled by the comments and the time taken to to this review. Bottom line, I like to recognize people who show genuine passion in the work that they do, and you display that passion. Whether you are expounding on the simple flavors of a $5.00 cigar or orating on the complexities of a $30.00 cuban, your desire to do each review justice is there just the same.
    Enough rambling….Enjoy your other smokes!