Weekend Cigars and a Drew Estate Liga Privada Contest! – Sunday May 2, 2010

Saturday evening I selected a CAO Mx2 Rob for my evening walk.  My wife had gotten me a selection of CAO cigars for Valentines day and this was among them.  It was a robusto, and pretty much everything a maduro cigar should be.    The combination of Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and Brazillian maduro binder really overwhelm the palate with  bitter coffee and cocoa.

This afternoon, while pressure washing my in-laws deck, I lit up a Maria Mancini Robusto Larga. This cigar served as an insect repellent as well as an enjoyable smoke.  While not as smooth as those that I’ve had with several years of age, it was still a tasty and well made cigar, which held up well to the rigors of outdoor work. This remains among my favorite cigars at any price and I have always had these in my humidor in one vitola or another.

My 20 year old son and I had exchanged text messages on Friday when he mentioned that he and his friends took a trip to Holt’s (they go to Drexel) and he had purchased and smoked a Liga Privada T52.  He picked this out based on having heard about them from me.  I don’t keep track of what he’s smoking, he started out just after his 18th birthday, with a Romeo y Julieta Coronitos en Cedro at his sister’s wedding.  He said he really loved that cigar, as he was turning seven shades of plaid after smoking it.  When he told me he smoked the T52 I told him that it should have made him vomit, but he said it was amazing.  That’s the word he kept using: “amazing”.  So, it that spirit, I selected a Liga Privada No. 9 for tonight’s smoke.

The Liga Privada No. 9 was blended for the personal use of Steve Saka, president of  Drew Estate. It has a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and a five tobacco filler blend.  It’s a great cigar, very rich and satisfying.  The burn was as even as they come and it burned for a long time.  Delicious!  It’s no wonder Steve is rarely seen without one of these in his mouth.

Also in that spirit, I’d like to announce this month’s contest.  I have a really good prize for the winner this time.  It’s a five cigar Liga Privada Sampler courtesy of Drew Estate.  Here are the rules:  Leave a comment here with your guess as to what the digital hygrometer in my 48 quart Coleman Coolerdor reads.  I’ll post a photo of it when I announce the winner.  Contest ends Sunday, May 9.  Your guess should include both the temperature and humidity.  Any tie will be broken by cat selection.  I’m tempted to offer a bonus if someone guesses exactly, but the prize itself is pretty fantastic!

So tell your friends, spread the word, subscribe to my e-mails, follow me on twitter…..someone is going to get a nice five pack of Liga Privadas!

Until next time,




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15 Responses to Weekend Cigars and a Drew Estate Liga Privada Contest! – Sunday May 2, 2010

  1. Acey

    I still have that Liga Privada No 9 you gave me a while back. May need to get around to smoking it soon.

    Well, as for the hygrometer, my guess (somewhat educated) is that you don’t have one (so, no reading). If you’ve gotten one since I last talked to you about hygrometers, I’ll guess 67%.

  2. dj

    68% at 72 degrees.

    I’m feelin’ a bit guilty about contests lately, though…

    (But I remain covetous nonetheless!)

  3. Mark

    My guess as to what the digital hygrometer in your 48 quart Coleman Coolerdor reads is 67 degrees at 65% RH…. and that is truly only a guess.

  4. Lloyd Ladrillono

    Temp: 70.4 degrees
    RH: 69.6

    I’ve read lots of good tweets regarding the Liga Privada. I hope my guess is a winner!

  5. CBusDave

    66% at 69 Degrees

  6. Doug

    I like those Liga Privadas…gotta have some more. So my guess is 69 degrees and 68% RH.

  7. wallaper

    64% at 69degrees

  8. Kevin Veling

    I have yet to try a Liga 9 . I was in a box pass recently , and there was one in there , but alas it was damaged . sooo I had to pass on it .
    Hygro reading = 67 % @ 65 degrees .

  9. 69% at 69 Degrees

    Great contest man! Keep it up!

  10. tmbryant73

    My guess for a cooledor would be 70.6% RH and 71 degrees. I am new to this activity so that may be a bit generous for a cooler… Thanks for running this contest, this is a brand that is on my list of stuff to try 🙂

  11. Ashley Byrd

    My guess is 68% and 69°F

    I have one Liga Privada #9 from my CRA SAMPLER that I still need to light up.

  12. Joel Scott

    Thanks for running the contest. My guess:

    65% @ 67 degrees

  13. Craig,
    Great blog…keep it up.
    My guess on your cooledor settings are: 68.4 humidity and 70.6 degrees


  14. I’m gonna guess 70 degrees and 72%


  15. dj

    BTW: I think *my( cooleridor is a coleman too! I think the painters left it at my house a coupla years ago, ‘cuz I am really not sure where it came from. Fits a lot and really holds the humidity.