Weekend Cigar: Xikar HC Habana Colorado – Sunday December 12, 2010

As the holiday season is in full swing, the opportunities to have a cigar become few and far between. Between the weather and the season it’s been busy in a non-cigar way.   Friday evening provided an opportunity for my son and I to attend a Xikar event at Old Havana Cigar Co. outside of West Chester, PA.  I had not tried the HC cigars prior and it seemed like a good time.  I picked up one of each of the robustos, a Connecticut, a Criollo and a Habana Colorado.  For purchasing three, I got one free, so I went with the Habana Colorado and smoked it there.  We all know that I’m not exactly a free spender when it comes to cigars, so it will surprise nobody to hear me say that I think the $8.25 price tag for these is too high, even with the free cigar I had some buyers remorse.  That’s not to say that the Habano Colorado wasn’t a fine cigar, it was, I just didn’t find it $8.25 good.  There are a lot of cigars that are just as good for less. Anyway, the cigar burned very well and lasted well over an hour, and was smooth and flavorful, and on the stronger side of medium.  I am looking forward to smoking the others in the near future, as they are well made and nicely blended cigars, but I don’t think I would purchase them again.  As far as the shop goes, the lounge is spacious and comfortable and the humidor was very well stocked.  It’s a little out of my way so I don’t get to this shop often, and only really ever go there when there’s an event that interests me.  I prefer JM Cigars in Exton,  PA as far as price, selection and friendliness, I just wish Jeff would have more manufacture events.

Don’t forget to enter the current contest, win some Joya de Nicaragua cigars and stuff.   Deadline for entry is close of business Saturday, December 18 (midnight).  Also, the folks at Thompson have some deals going on that they asked me to pass on, see http://www.thompsoncigarcoupons.com/ for more information.

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  1. Lloyd L.

    Craig, in these trying economic times it is justifiable to be frugal. I’m not cheap, but I can’t afford cigars as often as I’d like to smoke them. Winning contests such as the ones you have help keep the humidor stocked! Winning one of your contests seems to elude me… lol

    • I’m cheap…not proud of it but I certainly don’t deny that I can squeeze a nickel until the buffalo poops! I get squirmy paying more than $5 for a cigar…just the way it is. Good luck in this month’s contest! I notice that you’ve won a contest or two around the blog circuit, maybe this time!

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