Weekend Cigar Post: Romeo y Julieta, Padron – Sunday April 11, 2010

Beautiful weather this weekend, I managed to get in a couple cigars.  Last night, after spending all day putting down hardwood flooring on a staircase landing, I fired up a Romeo y Julieta Reserve Maduro Robusto.  This was a well made  cigar that was fairly mild, with flavor reminiscent of  bitter chocolate.  The afternoon’s worth of sawdust didn’t exactly compliment the cigar. Nice cigar for a beginner.  I don’t understand the wording on the website about the wrapper, they call it a “Blackened Connecticut Broadleaf”, what does “blackened” mean?  Could it be that the largest cigar company in the world takes shortcuts with their maduro wrapper?

Today, after going to a local restaurant with my son to watch the Flyers game, which was a “do or die” game, I felt the need to celebrate with a very old Padron Anniversario Principe.  This cigar must have been in my humidor for close to 10 years.  It burned perfectly and tasted great.  It had a really nice long finish that just clung to the tongue. I smoked it down to about a half an inch.  The Flyers game was quite exciting, it ended in the shoot-out, and if they hadn’t won it would have been the end of the season.  Now they move on the the play-offs.  It was fun to see the game with my son in a restaurant with a crowd of enthusiastic fans.

In the media:

I mentioned the latest issue of Smoke Magazine in my last post, and I’ve had a chance to read a little more of it.  There is a nice write up of Doc Stogiefresh‘s “Cig Con West” event that happened last September.  Congrats on the write-up! At the time I thought that “Cig Con” was a bad name, “Cig” is hardly ever associated with cigars in my experience.  The organizers must have read my mind, because they’ve re-named the event to “Crush and Roll West” to integrate cigars and wine, as half of the event featured local wineries.  Continued good luck to Doc and his crew.  I’m sure this year’s event will be as successful as last years.

I noticed in today’s Parade Magazine, an article titled “The Dangers of  Pipes and Cigars”  I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised to see an unscientific study bashing tobacco in a mainstream Sunday supplement.  We’re all adults and we all know the dangers in what we choose to do, whether it be smoking or driving a car or walking down the street.  If everyone were  to quit smoking, what would our state and federal governments do to make up for the lost tax revenue?  Just asking…

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