Wednesday’s Cigar: Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie Toro, and a Contest! – May 26, 2010

True to my word, I sparked up the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie Toro for tonight’s cigar.  This is another “dos capas” cigar, predominantly Ecuadorian shade wrapper with a dark Nicaraguan “mouthpiece”.  I received this cigar when I was in Reno last November, it was among the great many cigars provided to the event by Steve at Drew Estate.  This was a very nice cigar!  The burn was excellent until reaching the band, where it transitioned to the dark wrapper, which burned rather reluctantly.  It was a medium bodied cigar with copious amounts of smoke.  The smoke was creamy and nutty like one would expect from the shade wrapper, but the flavor on the lips was spicy and sweet.  Over-all a delicious hour or so of cigar goodness.  This is a beautiful cigar that I would highly recommend.

Since I smoked the Joya de Nicaragua, it seems like a good time to have a contest and this time we’ll have 2 winners!  The first winner will receive a 5 count sampler box of Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970, consisting of a Machito, a Gran Consul, a Robusto Grande, a Belicoso and a Churchill. The runner up will receive a really cool Joya de Nicaragua cap and cutter, which is a very nice cutter.  I’ve been using the Drew Estate version of this very same cutter for several months now and it does a great job.  Thanks to the folks at Drew Estate for again providing some great cigars and swag for me to give away!

To enter the contest leave a comment on this blog post.  I will have the cats pick the winners again (they’ve been itching to star in another video, or else the Frontline is wearing off…).  Given the upcoming holiday weekend and how busy life has been around here, the contest will end at midnight on Saturday, June 5.  Tim in Phoenixville, PA won one of these samplers a few months back and I was able to hand deliver it.  I hope he enjoyed them, but I haven’t heard from him in a while, I hope they didn’t kill him!  Just kidding about that, the Antaño 1970 is a powerful and yummy cigar!

So there you go, some great prizes just for typing me a few words in the comments section!

In the news

The Cigar Rights of America posted an action alert today stating that the Mayor of Orange County, Florida (Orlando, etc.) is proposing a ban on the use of any tobacco products on county owned and leased property, as well as making it a condition of employment that anyone smoking more than 4 cigars a year has to pay a $650 yearly fine.  Please go to the CRA website to see where to send your thoughts on this ridiculousness.

Here’s my quick thought: how about if any municipality bans tobacco use, they aren’t eligible to receive ANY revenue from tobacco taxes?  I think it’s brilliant, but I’m sure it will never fly.  Just my unsolicited 2 cents and worth every dime you paid for it!

That’s about it for now, until the next time,


Go Flyers!



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16 Responses to Wednesday’s Cigar: Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie Toro, and a Contest! – May 26, 2010

  1. Lloyd Ladrillono

    My palette, I believe, falls in the medium range, but it gets confusing when one reviews a particular stick as medium & another reviewer calls the same stick a full… Still, the JDN Cabinette sounds pretty tasty!

    I don’t understand the political hatred towards tobacco. Soon, gov’t will penalize us for consuming sugar because they think it leads to health problems. Good grief…

    • Perhaps I’m jaded. I’m sure my medium will be someone’s full. I think the Cain is a strong cigar…and the JdN Cabinetta wasn’t strong, but was full of flavor! Have I confused you more? Have I just entered my own contest? 🙂

  2. Acey

    Please tell the cat that if it doesn’t sit on my name, I’m going to hire a hit-dog and send it to Downingtown!

  3. Duane Holmes

    I’ve been icthing to try the Joya de Nicaragua brand but none of my local B&M’s carry them. Please cat sit on my name!

  4. Wallaper

    Thanks for hosting another contest, always great to have a chance at some great cigar goodies. I have yet to try these sticks, a 5pk would be a great start:)

  5. Chris McCann

    While I enjoyed the Cabinetta, I wish it had a higher percentage of dark wrapper. I would have liked to experience more of the transition from the light to the dark wrapper, but you are close to the nub by the time you reach dark.

  6. Mark

    I really enjoyed the Cabinetta but haven’t been able to purchase them locally. I do wish that the darker wrapper extended further down the cigar as it gave a great flavor change.

  7. Acey

    Ok, Craig (and cat)…having been to a Flyers game with you (and actually longing for the long-gone day when we could share a Fonseca in the major sports arena), I’ll say that I’m actually routing for the Flyers…will that convince you (or the cat), to sit on my name? No? That’s OK…I actually want one of those LGC Artesanos! I have a claro-candela barber pole I picked up in Miami a few years ago. I’m thinking I’m going to smoke it and send the cat photos, hopefully making it jealous!

    • Remember there is a panel of 4 cats, we never know who is going to step up at any given time. I too miss the days when one could have a pre-game cigar IN the arena…

  8. In my opinion, the Antano is one of the best cigars JdN came out with. They have a lancero size that I keep meaning to try but for whatever reason I haven’t. I bet that’d be a powerhouse!!!

  9. I have yet to try the Joya de Nicaragua…
    So far I have become an ACID and Naturals addict.
    If the cat(s) pick me, I may have a new addiction.
    Keep up the good work Craig…

  10. DB

    Never tried the Joya yet…Sounds like a great cigar. Would like to smoke that after I return from Bulgaria.

    Here kitty, kitty….

  11. dj

    Gads! I almost missed this one!

    Hey, Cat Butt! Over here!

  12. Joel Scott

    I’ve never tried a Joya. I may have to go to the nearest B&M and give one a try later today. (I hope they’re open.) Craig, what happened to the Flyers? I’ll leave it up to you to fire them up! We can’t have a flatlander team winning the cup!

    • The Flyers will do better tonight. They kept up with the Hawks, but didn’t give their goalie enough support. Watch for more defense around the net tonight. Flyers need a road win for sure! Hope you find a Joya, they are an old high quality brand and the Antaños are excellent.

  13. Great review man, and great contest. I love the hell out of the JDN’s, especially the Antano and Cabs. Keep it up!