Wednesday Cigar Contest: Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto From Gotham Cigars

Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley RobustoTwo weeks ago I published a review of the Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto, and I really liked the cigars. As a result, many of you purchased the cigars at their introductory price, and I’m looking forward to hearing how people liked them. It makes me feel a little anxious when I convince people to open their wallets. If it makes you feel better, I bought a couple of fivers of them myself, so I voted with my wallet too. Once again, the cigars are 5″ x 50 Nicaraguan puro, with a sun-grown Jalapa wrapper, a double binder from Jalapa and Esteli, and filers from Condega and Jalapa. It’s medium to full and has lots of sweet tobacco flavor. I just smoked another tonight and was equally impressed.  Anyway, the folks at Gotham Cigars have offered to sponsor today’s cigar giveaway!

The rules are the same as always, leave a comment here, must be over 18.  Two winners chosen at random next Wednesday, will receive a five pack of the Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto along with a Gotham Cutter and matches. Many thanks to Stephanie and Manny at Gotham Cigars for today’s giveaway!


On another note, listen to Kiss My Ash Radio Saturday, there may be someone familiar appearing in their “Bloggers Corner” segment. That’s it for now, until the next time,







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62 Responses to Wednesday Cigar Contest: Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto From Gotham Cigars

  1. Love that Jalapa! I will be listening for you Saturday.

  2. Perietta Migranté

    that cigar flavour profile is preferred by my palate! many thanks Craig, + to Stephanie and Manny at Gotham Cigars for today’s giveaway!

  3. Cassel Jefferson

    Nice! I hope it’s me that wins!

  4. Steve C

    Thanks for all your great stuff, and your contests too.

  5. Derek Carpenter

    Love to try some of these! Thanks Craig for the contest!

  6. Chris Duda

    Sure do hope I get picked. I’m relatively new to the cigar world and I’m dying to try new things.

  7. Bob B

    Sounds like a great cigar! Can’t wait to give it a spin.

  8. Ab are the bomb love love love em

  9. jjo

    Not here for the contest. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed my first one, and am kicking myself for not picking more than one five pack at the original introductory price. They have since doubled the price, but still have free shipping on it, so it’s still a good deal. Thanks for featuring it; I don’t think I would ever have heard of it otherwise.

  10. big AB fan, I would love to win this.

  11. Miguel Rocha

    Thanks for the contest!

  12. Ken S

    I have mine resting in my humidor until spring. Couldn’t pass up a five pack for the price!

  13. George

    Always enjoy reading your prose, Craig! Keep up the good work! George

  14. Andrew


  15. Mark Pousard

    Sign me up!

  16. Texican8

    Sounds like it’s right up my ally!

  17. Patrick G

    Awesome. Loved your review of these!

  18. Vance Johnson

    Never had one of these…this might be my chance! Thanks for running this contest!

  19. Timmc71

    Thanks for the contest. Looks like I’m gonna be ordering a fiver.

  20. Zeegarboy

    I scored a fiver and smoked one ROT – very quick shipping. I’ll give a 10 out of 10 stars – especially when factoring the price. Shoulda bought several five paks – hindsight is always 20/20. Look forward to smoking some more….if it ever warms up enough!

  21. Matt Ross

    I haven’t had anything from AB that I’ve loved in awhile – curious if this would be different.

  22. Donald Santos

    Would love to try them

  23. Derek R

    Another great contest! Thanks, Craig. Would love to try these.

  24. Jeff Ketcham

    They sounded great in your review, always looking for a great bargain smoke.

  25. I haven’t tried these yet, but the description sounds palate-pleasing!

  26. Brian Impson

    Gotham Heroes? Wouldn’t that be Batman and Robin?

  27. Once again thanks for the heads up Craig! I got a fiver and this cigar is EXCELLENT!! I’ll definitely be getting some more!!

  28. Sean

    The flavor profile you described reminds me of the AB Medalist that Alec Bradley made for Famous years ago. Great deal on the Gotham Heroes.

  29. Tommy D

    Very generous Gotham! Thank you for the raffle!

  30. Mike McCain

    i received my 5pack about a week ago, i always let them rest for awhile before i smoke one…tomorrow will be the day

  31. Craig

    Have to love a good priced cigar.

  32. Jared

    I have not had a chance to purchase. But will definitely try to stop at my smoke shop and pick some up.

  33. Alec Bradley is mostly miss for me but I would love to try these!

  34. Patrick

    Abe and his people at smoke inn are awesome hosts and great cigar folks. Look forward to hear you with the “big delicious” on Saturday. Alec Bradley has some blends I enjoy and this one has some good leaf. Let’s go random number generator, Pj needs some love.
    Life is Good!

  35. Swede214

    Sounds like a good cigar from all of the guys that have smoked this AB. Thanks again for the contest.

  36. Jerry B

    Count me in Craig. Thanks!!!

  37. jay s.

    thanks craig!

  38. kemson52

    Thanks, Craig. I’d love to try these.

  39. Adrian quick

    These look pretty good!

  40. Smoke770

    Thx for the contrst

  41. Chris m

    I’ve heard of these but haven’t seen them in a store. Thanks to Stephanie, Manny and Craig for the opportunity.

  42. I look forward to hearing you on KMA tomorrow. Also, as a Craigette and as a purchaser from Gotham cigars in the past, I highly recommend purchasing from Gotham Cigars. Great service and great prices!

  43. Lloyd Ladrillono

    Haven’t smoked that many AB’s but I do like the Tempus.

  44. John Hateley

    Love trying new smokes!

  45. KOPTim

    Thanks Craig for your recommendation. I purchased a 5-pack and like many others, I regret not buying more. This is a very nice cigar, enjoyed one so far, can’t wait until the weather warms for another ! AND, the Gotham site is great. Well organized, easy to search, good prices. I plan to purchase more from this site.

  46. Mike Perry

    Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!

  47. Arline

    I always look for the newer alec bradleys
    I am excited to hear about this one

  48. Joe K

    I haven’t heard of them before but sounds great

  49. Dan Colley

    Gotham City !!! Will it make me as strong and clever as Batman?

  50. Over 18 and entering this giveaway!

  51. Dave K.

    Nice review. Definitely interested in giving these a shot. Thanks for the contest!

  52. lonniemarci1991

    Sounds like they would be really tasty! Thanks for the contest Craig!!!

  53. Commish

    Ah! Christmas in February!

  54. Brian

    Except for few I haven’t been very fond of Alec Bradley in the past. The Gotham Heros sound like they may be part of the few AB’s I like

  55. TriMarkC

    Well heck, count me in! Also interested in trying new cigars, especially one with even Craig liking them so much!

  56. paul1954

    I love the sun-grown Jalapa wrappers. It should be a tasty treat!

  57. Steve W.

    Interesting looking…

  58. John Moore

    Sounds interesting and who doesn’t need a Hero?!?

  59. Joe canez

    Very nice, would like these! !

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