Visiting Some Delaware Shops With Singer Songwriter Nik Everett and the Contest Winner

Sunday we took a ride a bit south to the state of Delaware, a state known for not allowing indoor smoking.  We wanted to get together with local singer/songwriter/performer and fellow cigar lover Nik Everett, a guy we’ve seen perform on a few occasions, and who is a staple in the Tobacco RoadDelaware music scene.  We had seen Nik post from a lounge in Wilmington that we hadn’t heard of before, and reached out to him to get together. As it turned out, he was headed to another cigar shop north of Wilmington which we were familiar with, Tobacco Field. As it turns out, Tobacco Field was having a Drew Estate event, and Chris Stone and Alex Mayer were on hand. Alex is the new area rep, taking Chris’s place as he has been promoted to a regional position. I bought a few cigars and lit up a tasty Undercrown Shade Belicoso and we UCShadehung out in the small lounge in the back of the store to chat with Nik and the crowd there. I really like the Undercrown Shade, it’s an Ecuador Connecticut cigar with a ton of flavor. Willy Herrera did a great job putting this cigar together, even though he isn’t a Connecticut shade fan.   I’m not quite sure how Tobacco Field gets around the Delaware smoking rules, but I’m pleased that we could hang out and smoke there. The shop was really busy for a nice spring Sunday.


SikarWe finished our cigars and headed to Sikar Cigar Lounge in Trolley Square in Wilmington. This is the place we’d seen Nik post about and sounded like a place we needed to visit.  The shop is small with display cases lining the interior, and I’m led to believe there are upstairs and downstairs lounges, but we sat down in the main area and picked out some cigars to smoke. The selection is quite nice here, I picked up a Camacho Shellback and a Leaf by Oscar Sumatra (sadly, they had no Maduros) LeafSumatrawhich I promptly lit up. They are in the process of expanding the shop into the next space, so they will have more room the next time I get down there. Delaware has a 15% tax on cigars, so prices are a little higher than in PA, where there is no tax on cigars, but the prices were not too much higher, I think the Leaf was $9.50 and the Shellback was $12. We had a great time talking , music with Nik and enjoying the lounge, which was quiet in comparison to Tobacco Leaf.  Sikar Cigar Lounge is a fine place to relax with a cigar.


If you  want to be entertained, check out Nik’s music on his site, He’s becoming quite a cigar geek too from what I can tell. In other news, the winner of the Famous Smoke Shop Best Humidor Jar Sampler was Jae Park. Cory at Famous did all the heavy lifting on this one, and as much as I like the simple comment based method I use, it’s a lot of work and I appreciate the help once in a while! There were a ton of new names in the entries, and many of my loyal regulars. Hopefully some of the new folks stick around. My Facebook page and Twitter followers made a big leap too, welcome to all the new followers and thanks!


That’s all for today, until the next time,









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7 Responses to Visiting Some Delaware Shops With Singer Songwriter Nik Everett and the Contest Winner

  1. Steve W.

    First time I’ve heard of Nik, but I kinda like what I’m hearing!

  2. Patrick G

    Sounds like a great little trip. I love the Undercrowns, shade and original, and was impressed by the Leaf I smoked a few months ago. Great sticks.

  3. I really enjoy the Undercrown Shade as well.Willie did some fine wok on this blend.

  4. Fatroach72

    Music and cigars! Perfect!

  5. Dan Colley

    I’m not so sure that I’m a fan of the Undercrown Shade. I guess the jury is still out. Unlike you, I didn’t find a great deal of flavor or variety in the specimen I smoked. I’m certain that I need to smoke one or two more before passing final judgement.

    It’s nice to hear that there is somewhere in Delaware that cigar smokers can go, sit down and enjoy a smoke without “having the police rousting them”. My wishes for continued good luck to those folks.

  6. Patrick

    Looking for that first shade still, I’ll get it done soon. A good contests boost the ranks and excites the the regulars. Well played.

  7. TriMarkC

    I’m still looking for my first Undercrown Shade. I stopped by a local B&M several weeks ago and they said they sold out almost immediately. So that’s a good sign. Hopefully they’ll have some when I get back there, because I already really like the standard Undercrown.

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