Vegas de Santiago Don Luis “Secretos del Maestro” Torpedo Cigar – Sunday June 27, 2010

Today I had the pleasure of enjoying a Vegas de Santiago “Secretos del Maestro” Torpedo.  I’m always a fan of the 6.125″ x 52 figurado.  This was a fine cigar, although I enjoyed the 4″ x 60 more.  Somehow the flavors were more pronounced in the short fat format.  Still, a really nice cigar considering they run in the $4 or less range, which is pretty amazing.  Remember to enter the contest on my last post and win one of these, along with a 4″ x 60 and several other Vegas de Santiago cigars.

This is one of the smaller limbsThursday afternoon we had a line of violent storms go through which wreaked havoc on the area.  My in-laws has several large branches break off some of their trees and  we spent the better part of Saturday cleaning up.  The reason I bring this up is that it put another $40 in my CigarSafari fund.  Along with the $3.00 I scrounged up in change brings me up to $163.00.  My goal is to save up the cost of the trip without having to dig in to our household budget.  I also put a couple Circuit City shirts that my wife donated to me on E-bay, and am going to scrounge around the house and see what other items I can get rid of.

Not much else to report, after busting my butt yesterday (along with my left leg, which I beat the heck out of on two occasions, and have been limping around all day), and considering the high heat and humidity, I didn’t smoke too many cigars.  I have a couple more Vegas de Santiago cigars to smoke in the coming week leading up to the conclusion of the contest, including a 5 year old “Chaman” in a cool wooden tube.

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5 Responses to Vegas de Santiago Don Luis “Secretos del Maestro” Torpedo Cigar – Sunday June 27, 2010

  1. Duane Holmes

    Craig asked me to post my thoughts so here goes. The VdS Secretos del Maestro has to be IMHO the best cigar to come out of Costa Rico. I have had both the maduro and the H2000 wrapper. The construction is solid heavy in the hand with no soft spots The burn is razor sharp ,no need for touch ups. A solid gray-white ash that holdson for a good inch and a half. I consider them medium to full with some black pepper and spice with a long clean finish. The price point out of the factory is great for the quality of the cigar. Shipping is 8-10 days airmail. I would highly recomend then to anyone looking to try a great cigar that has been flying under the radar.

  2. dj


    Costa Rica is an AMAZING ecological/environmental area. It should be no surprise at the nifty agro-prods there.

  3. dj

    Heh: gee, your budgetary schemes seem so… familiar! Maybe it’s universal.

    So glad to see VdS get more press! Tell Rudy I said hello.