Trip Report: Drew Estate Cigar Safari – Part 3 (And a Contest, AGAIN!)

In the last installment ( I offered two five-packs of My Uzi Weighs a Ton Baitfish and some other gooddies (including surprises!) to whomever could guess how many banded cigars I smoked and noone got the right number!  So, go back an look at all the numbers and try again!  Rules are simple: guess a number (your best path to success is to NOT guess a number that was previously guessed, as we know that they are all wrong!)  I understand that this makes it a little harder, but that’s the deal, so there!  I’ll attempt to select a winner on Wednesday! Remember, the wrong answers are here. Good luck!


We left off on Monday, April 29, having visited both the Oliva Tobacco operations and the Joya de Nicaragua factories, having had a ton of knowledge dropped on us at every turn.  Tuesday evening was spent hanging out after dinner and socializing and smoking cigars.  It had been a good day.  Tuesday morning we awoke bright and early in anticipation of touring Drew Estate’s pre-industry IMG_0340operations, their new construction, as well as the factory and Subculture Studio (which I’ll cover on Wednesday).  I was looking for a “start the day” smoke, a rare treat for me, as I hung around with Will Cooper and Stace Berkland waiting for breakfast.  When one has to choose a cigar from the likes of Liga Privada T52, No.9 and Dirty Rats, Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970, MUWAT 7×60 and Undercrown first thing in the morning it’s tough, you know?  Fortunately there was also a box of Hererra Esteli there which would server quite well as a morning smoke (sure, I could have been cliché and smoked a Tabak Especiale, not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Anyway, the Hererra Esteli is a terrific smoke, Willy was with us the whole trip, and DSC00457I am sorry I couldn’t manage to see him last week when he visited a shop about 20 miles away.  We boarded the bus and headed to one of the Drew Estate tobacco bodegas in town, of which they have several.  Here they were storing tobacco in pilons, carefully monitoring them and turning them as needed.  They also had storage in bales and more sorting operations. Steve and Nicholas walked us through the entire operation. They use different colored string to tie the hands of tobacco DSC00470together when they sort it to identify the priming and are very conscientious about what goes where.  Once again, I’m in awe of the detail that goes into these things we burn up in an hour or so.  After this we returned to the Drew Estate factory and donned hardhats and took a tour of the new construction going on across the street of the building that will consolidate all of these little bodegas around town into one building.  This is a 70,000 square foot warehouse which will be state of the art, have storage and sorting operations and they anticipate it will be at capacity within 18 months!  In the slideshow below you will see some pictures.  After walking through the new construction (which includes a new cafeteria and healthcare clinic as well) we returned for lunch.

Here’s the slideshow:


I’m going to cut it short here because it’s Mother’s Day and it’s beautiful out.  Don’t forget, leave some more comments here with your gueses of how many banded cigars I smoked on the trip, and have a great day!  Also, please join me in welcoming Tobacco Specialists to the family.  They carry a wide range of tobacco products and accessories.


Until the next time,





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29 Responses to Trip Report: Drew Estate Cigar Safari – Part 3 (And a Contest, AGAIN!)

  1. Dennis

    Oops, better luck this time? 7 to win…….

  2. Ted

    I’ll go with 15.

    If nobody gets it this time, you can maybe tell us if our guesses are within range, or all too low or all too high. 🙂

    • They were all too high or too low last time 🙂 How’s that for a hint?

      If nobody gets it this time I’ll pick the closest without going over, and start smoking the prize cigars as a penalty… :-O

  3. MattSRoss81

    I’ll go with 12 this time…I’d be surprised if you smoked less than 10!

  4. R Simon

    Wait 27 was picked I will then say 21

  5. George Satterfield

    Well Craig if you chose to keep a cigar in your hands the whole time you could. But given the fact you said you only smoked when there was a break in activity I’m thinkin 12 bands..

  6. Jscott


  7. jjo

    I’ll have to go with 34.

  8. Mark

    I’m going to be a smarty-pants and say you smoked zero cigars with bands, as all the cigars were bandless.

  9. smoke770

    14 to win

  10. Jeff Ketcham


  11. Jake

    35 for the win!

  12. Swede214

    My guess is 14, one of my lucky numbers, I hope! Enjoyed the review’s, thanks for the contest, the second time.

  13. Steve

    I’ll go with my old jersey number: 9

  14. Craig

    Lets try 21!

  15. commish

    I think “zero” is probably the correct number, I’ll go with 1 just because 0 is already on the board!

  16. Bill Cantley

    I am gonna go with 11.

  17. czerbe

    I’ll see your 1 and I’ll guess 2

  18. Lloyd L.

    A perfect 10.

  19. Steven

    Is eight the number?
    Yaba Daba Doo

  20. Brian Impson

    Guess I have to pick 6 then. Doubt it’s that low however. Thanks.

  21. Brian Impson

    Not trying to be a trouble maker here Craig, but the original rules say:
    “The winner is whoever guesses correctly, or is closest by Sunday, May 12, 2013.”
    So was I the closest with the lowest guess of 11 the first time around? Thank you!

    • Crap, I guess I should have read my own rules…

      You were not the closest though. To be fair, I’ll send a consolation prize to the closest in the original contest and the formerly mentioned prize if someone guesses the exact number in the current contest. Full disclosure will come in Wednesday’s post announcing the winners.

      My apologies for changing the rules mid-contest.