Total Flame Cigars FTW Robusto

Total Flame Cigars has been around for a few years, I remember their very flashy booth at the trade show a few years ago. Probably three years ago I smoked a little perfecto called the 8-Ball, and was reasonable un-impressed. The saving grace of the cigar was that I smoked it at the cigar bar at the Wells Fargo Center after a Flyers game and got to talk to Bernie Parent about when his newest cigars were coming out. The cigars have a motorcycle theme, and since I got the bike out this week (2005 Yamaha Majesty, yes, it’s a scooter, but it’s a 400CC scooter, I’m a dork, but I like it) as the weather was very nice, I figured I’d smoke the samples they sent a month or so ago.


TotalFlame_FTW_RobustoThey sent me the FTW, the new Nicaragua and the Off The Rails. I had some wrapper issues with the latter two, with the Off The Rails performing better than the Nicaragua.  In fairness, I may have dropped the cigars when I was taking them out of the bag, but the Nicaragua was cracked to the point where I had to put it down. Both cigars had a good flavor, the Off The Rails, a short robusto, was a tasty and strong cigar.  The Total Flame FTW was a tasty smoke, it has a Nicaraguan “El Corojol” wrapper, Mexican binder and Nicaraguan fillers, made in the Placencia factory in Nicaragua. This is a reasonably strong cigar, with some great flavors of coffee and some pepper.  There was an earthy component as well. I liked the color scheme of the bands, of which there were three, all of which came off easily, not really an important feature of the cigar, but one I appreciate anyway. The cigar burned very well, and didn’t have any problems, it was quite enjoyable.


I’ll be keeping an eye out for the Nicaraguan and OTR for a retry, I think they have a lot of promise. I’ll make a point to visit their booth at the show this year, I think they have an interesting story to tell.


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  1. Patrick

    Lmao I can’t think of anything to say, certainly not normal for me. Have a happy smoke everyone.
    Life is good.

  2. Dan Colley

    Good job, butterfingers !!! I hate it when that happens to me. At least the cigar had some redeeming qualities.

  3. jjo

    This brand has an interesting background, with the two founders being Russian motorcycle and cigar enthusiasts. Jeremy reviewed the FTW (Forever Two Wheels) for Casas Fumando a couple of years ago, and really liked it, but I doubt that I will ever see them in my area.

  4. Jared

    When is the show this year?

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