Toscano Modigliani Cheroot Cigar Report and Contest

As a long time fan of “interesting” cigars, I have been quite happy to have developed a relationship with the folks at Since my wife brought me back some Antico Toscano cigars from Italy 15 years ago, and since Kentucky fire cured, or dark fire, tobacco was all the rage last year, I thought I’d give the newest offering from a try.  I’ll be honest, the Toscano 1492 was a little too smokey for me, so I hesitated a little before deciding to commit my precious cigar time to something new. But I did, and I was quite happy.  A little back story on what is a fairly expensive cigar for this genre.  The Toscano Modigliani is named for Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani  (12 July 1884 – 24 January 1920), an Italian painter and sculptor,  known for portraits and nudes in a modern style characterized by elongation of faces and figures. Modigliani spent his youth in Italy, where he Modigliani Toscanostudied the art of antiquity and the Renaissance, until he moved to Paris in 1906. There he came into contact with prominent artists such as Pablo Picasso and Constantin Brâncuşi.  Amedeo Modigliani had little success in his short lifetime, but after his death he achieved greater popularity. He died at age 35 in Paris of tubercular meningitis. He was an avid smoker of Toscano style cheroots.

This cigar is a typical Toscano shaped cigar, a hair over 6″ long, with a ring gauge at its largest point in the 30 range. It tapers at both ends, and can either be cut in half to make two cigars, or smoked as one. I have done both in the past, but chose to smoke this whole, as it was Friday night and I just felt like it.  Any trepidation I had about smoking this cigar went away when I lit it up. It had a bit of the smokey flavor one gets from the Kentucky tobacco, although perhaps the fact that this was grown and processed in Italy as opposed to the US maybe tempered the smokeyness. This turned out to be a rich, flavorful smoke, not very complex, but loaded with good, sweet and savory flavor.  It’s got some strength to it, I  wouldn’t smoke this on an empty stomach, but that’s not uncommon for this type of cigar. It burned perfectly and who among us can say it isn’t fun hanging a cigar like this from your teeth Clint Eastwood style. It’s elegant in its ugliness, if that makes any sense, and was a fun, satisfying cigar to smoke. As I said, these approach $5 a stick MSRP, which seems a bit steep, but it’s worth it as far as I’m concerned.


modigliano contestI was going to have a contest, to give a pack of these away, but I like them so much I might have to smoke them all!  You all know me better than that! This contest will run through next Saturday, June 6, and I’ll announce a winner in my Sunday post.  I’ll include a five pack of the Toscano Modigliani, as well as a 1492 and an Antico so you can get an idea what some other Toscano style cigars are like if you haven’t tried them. Also I will include a Screwpop Cigar Cutter, which is perfect for cutting these cigars in half if you so desire (they do make great short smokes that way!), and is a useful tool for cutting the cap on your premium cigars.  The rules are simple, leave a comment for a chance to win, and I’ll draw a winner at random next Sunday. Usual rules apply.  Thank you to and Screwpop Tools for providing the goodies.


That’s it for today, enjoy the weekend and tune in tomorrow for the regular Sunday recap of the week’s events.






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  1. Duane Holmes

    Hey Craig, I’ve never tried these but am up for a new and different smoke. You haven’t steered me wrong yet!

  2. CitizenGrace

    I’m all about “interesting” cigars (truth be told, I’m all about most things “interesting”. 🙂 Great post. Piqued my curiosity!

  3. Mark

    Another great post and another great contest. Thanks.

  4. Scott Wilson

    I’ve often wondered how the Toscano cigars are, thanks for the contest

  5. Been checking out the site and I’m definitely interested. Nice prize, good luck all.

  6. Joe K

    Never had those but they sound good.

  7. AdRian Quic/k/

    They definitely look interesting. Thanks for the contest

  8. Mike Perry

    In light of the Eastwood mention, it’s gotta be said:

    Pick me as the winner! Go ahead, make my day…

  9. “I’ll draw a sinner at random nest Sunday”

    um…maybe i don’t want to win? it’s funny because it’s probably what my grandparents would have called me if they found out i smoke.

  10. Are they a dry cure?

  11. jjo

    I had a chance to try one of the Classicos, and it was a great full flavored cigar. I cut mine in half, and each of those little buggers lasted a good 40-45 minutes.

  12. Freakboy791

    un altro concorso! io sono molto felice!

  13. Lloyd Ladrillono

    Seems like a nice lunchtime smoke (after a good lunch, that is)…

  14. Want to try these so bad.

  15. John Hateley

    Interesting! And another great contest,as always!

  16. Dan Colley

    There is absolutely nothing like a good, brick-hard cheroot after a good meal of veal scallopini and a bottle of Chianti. I used to dine regularly in a small, family-owned Italian restaurant on NW 54th Street in Miami where the veal was to kill for and the Parodi cheroots were smoked indoors as if there was no ban on indoor smoking (which there wasn’t !!!) Hard as a brick, you needed a very sharp cutter to get at them, but when you did, the flavor was quite rich, belying their appearance — a perfect follow on to an excellent meal. I really like that style of cigar.

  17. Matthew Denico

    Nice review

  18. Rachel Matt

    This would be a fun smoke!!!

  19. Thanks Craig for blogging so we can smoke vicariously through your adventures. Arrivederci!

  20. Commiish

    Interested in trying one these!

  21. Zeegarboy

    Great review. I would love to try.

  22. bob langmaid

    Great back story and review. I would love to try these cigars!

  23. Rashied patel

    Only the matches left then a full house

  24. BImpson

    Hmm, not so sure about the cigars but I’m game to give a new one a try. Love the cutter.

  25. lorri langmaid

    I would definitely cut it in half and share with my hubby!

  26. Sometimes a nice cheroot hits the spot.

  27. foozer6976

    good reads, thanks for the contest!

  28. Swede214

    Again Craig, great story about this cigar, will look for this one. Thanks for the contest.

  29. paul1954

    i love the idea of a cheroot!

  30. smoke770

    thanks for the contest

  31. Patrick

    I’m in, sounds like a fun burn. Thanks Craig

  32. Donald Santos

    Craig never had one but would really like to try these

  33. yossi770

    it looks AMAZING! never had one of these…

  34. Matt Ross

    Surprised you think so highly of these – you have me intrigued! Plus its my birthday on Monday and I just had a baby so pick me! LOL 😛

  35. I am making a conscious effort to smoke smaller ring gauge cigars, this will be a great start.

  36. Texican8

    Havent seen these before, but I love discovering new cigars. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  37. Derek R

    Never smoked a cheroot but would definitely like to give one a try. Thanks for the competition!

  38. Tim S

    I’ve never tried a cheroot, son like they would be something I’d like.

  39. Thanks for running the contest, these sound like great cigars and I would love to try one and review on

  40. Spidey55

    Good review and definitely a cigar worth trying. Rumor has it I am getting a new humidor for Father’s Day, so winning this contest tomorrow would be great timing!

  41. Jeff Ketcham

    Some of the first cigars I tried back in high school were similar “Clint” style. Haven’t had one in many years.

  42. italiansmokes

    There’s a 10% discount for all Cigar Craig readers on Toscano and Toscanello cigars, use coupon code: CIGCRAIG10 at
    Happy Smoking!

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