This Week’s Cigars: Liga Privada, Hoyo de Tradition – Thursday August 5, 2010

I’ll be taking a the weekend off, so I figured I’d better get a little something out before I go.

Since I gave away some Liga Privadas last time, I decided to smoke one on Sunday evening.  I lit up a No. 9 Parejo I purchased last November at a Drew Estate event at The Wooden Indian in Havertown PA.  These are easily in my top 10, if not top 5, for balance of flavor, construction and overall enjoyment.  I can see why Steve Saka, el Presidente of Drew Estate and the creator of this blend, can smoke these non-stop without getting tired of them.  Just a wonderful smoke.  I was very sad when I dropped the ½” butt in the ashtray.  Yummy!!

Tuesday I grabbed a Hoyo de Tradition Toro.  I really like these, but this one didn’t perform as well as I would have liked. It may have been that it was pretty humid and I took the cigar out of the humidor and let it sit out for a bit while I did something around the house, as others out of the same box haven’t burned this way.  It burned as if it were over-humidified, as a few I had a week or so ago did.  I love the flavor, but when it’s difficult to get the smoke out of the cigar and when you do, it’s what I would describe as steamy, it takes away from the experience.  Anyway, still a nice cigar, keep an eye open for a 5 pack contest for some of these in the not too distant future!

That’s it for now. I’ll post again sometime in the middle of next week.  Maybe I’ll come across something interesting to write about in my travels.

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4 Responses to This Week’s Cigars: Liga Privada, Hoyo de Tradition – Thursday August 5, 2010

  1. The LIGA PRIVADA’s arrived Thursday. Will share a smoke with my Brother-in-Law soon…Thanks so much… Long Ashes my Friend.

  2. dj

    Oh, and have a good vacay!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with you on the Liga Privada No.9. It is definately Top 5 for me. If I could afford it, I would smoke them all day….AHHHH. Fantastic site man.