The Week’s Cigars So Far: CAO, Dirty Rat, Chateau Real…and a Contest! – Wednesday August 25, 2010

Got the week of to a good start with a really nice CAO VR Moby, a 6″ x 50 maduro toro.  I have enjoyed the three examples I’ve had which my wife bought for me for Valentines Day.  They were part of several 5 pack samplers she got from Cigars International.  I believe these are made for CI.  I think these are a nice, medium maduro that is very well made.  I’m not one for identifying specific flavors, but peppery is definitely a flavor descriptor that I’d use with this cigar.    I don’t know that I would drop a c-note on a box of 20, but I suppose they are worth $5 each compared with a lot of cigars out there.

I decided to wrap up the weekend with a treat and grabbed a Liga Privada Dirty Rat from the humidor.  This was one that Steve Saka had given me a few months back.  I have to say that this is just about cigar perfection.  The corona size is very appealing to me, and it’s just a really pretty cigar.  The dark and oily wrapper, the funny pigtail, it’s just so appealing.  Then you light it, and it burns razor straight with a nice flat coal and draws perfectly.  Steve says they cost more to make than the double coronas, and considering this little corona had five different filler tobaccos packed into it’s stalk cut Connecticut wrapper, it’s no surprise at the cost.  The leaves have to be scissor cut to fit them in.  Lot’s of labor involved but what a fantastic smoking experience.  I’ve enjoyed all of the Liga Privadas I’ve had, and I don’t often spend upwards of $10 on a cigar.  Exceptional cigar that will be worth the occasional splurge when they hit the shelves sometime this September.

Monday I went for a Chateau Real Gran Templar in claro.  Another cigar I really like and is consistently good.  I decided on this particular cigar since I had just come off the excellent experience of the Dirty Rat, and wanted something quite different, but without any surprises.  This cigar shared the excellent construction with its cousin the Rat, and had a clean and smooth flavor.  The Connecticut shade wrapper was without flaw and quite pretty.  Another cigar that’s more expensive than I generally prefer, but worth it. I really think Drew Estate is making good cigars, but I have to say that while their website is nice and flashy, it’s kind of a pain if one wants to link directly to a specific cigar and sometimes takes a little while to load up.  It does have a lot of good information though, which is better than some sites.

On to the contest!

Since I smoked a couple Drew Estate cigars this week, let’s go ahead and give away a DE hat and a Liga Privada cutter.  As a special bonus I will sweeten the deal with a brand new Liga Privada T52 in the Belicoso size.  While I was visiting the IPCPR show and saying goodbye to Saka, he threw several of these at me, so I feel the need to pay it forward!  I have yet to send out a cutter prize without including something to use the cutter on anyway, but this time it’s something that may not be in the stores yet.  So there ya go, that’s the prize.  Since I’ve been having trouble with my feline assistants lately, I’ll work on figuring out a clever selection process.  So leave me a comment which will be your entry.  I always enjoy comments anyway, but for some reason it seems that I get more when I give stuff away…not sure why that is…so bring on the comments and win some awesome stuff courtesy of Drew Estate!

That’s it for now, until the next time,




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25 Responses to The Week’s Cigars So Far: CAO, Dirty Rat, Chateau Real…and a Contest! – Wednesday August 25, 2010

  1. Oh, lord I’ve been wanting one of those hats. I tried a dirty rat, and don’t know what happened, but it wasn’t real good. I liked the spice, but there was a strong bitter taste. I am more used to large ring gauge cigars, so maybe I was just smoking it too fast. I hope to get another one someday and maybe a flying pig too. Give it another shot.

  2. Abhishek Duggal

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Peter

    Thanks for highlightingChateau Real Gran Templar. This line is one that I always overlook for some reason. I love a good CT and now I’m going to go out and get’me one!

  4. Acey

    I’m in! Liked the Liga Privada you gave me ages ago. I need another cutter, since I lost a Xikar on the golf course a month ago.

  5. Tom M

    Another well written and great read. Love how the descriptions help even the newb (me) understand better.

  6. Wes T.

    Hey Craig, that’s a neat premium…. I could use a BDU cap in this heat. Thanks for giving us these opportunities and for a great blog, too! I love the pigtail on the Dirty Rat.

  7. Chris McCann

    I had the opportunity to try the Dirty Rat on a couple of occasions and loved it. I will definitely be buying a box when they’re released. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Lloyd L.

    I’ve sampled the Acid line from DE, but I really like the Tabak Especial. It’s a good alternative every now and then. I also recently bought the La Vieja Habana Cameroon, which I think is pretty good for the price. A bit mild, but I like it. Would like to try a Liga Privada sometime, if I can just talk myself into spending the extra scratch!

  9. I am looking forward to trying the dirty rat one of these days. Until I do, I appreciated your description of your enjoyment of that cigar. Until I can smoke a Liga Privada with you, the blogs will have to do. Keep up the great work!

    By the way, I would look good wearing the Drew Estate hat while smoking my Dirty Rat!

  10. Tim

    > Great blog post Craig, DE products have been my ‘go to’ choice for a while
    > now with the JDN 1970 as my every day top pick. Keep the reviews coming
    > and thanks in advance for the liga cutter and T52. 😉
    > Tim

  11. Wes H.

    Thanks for the opportunity, winning would be nice.

  12. kekoa kai

    I wonder why more people comment when a prize is involved? LOL

    But seriously, another good review and please keep them coming.

  13. Awesome info. Saka is the man!

  14. Wayne

    Would love to try the “Dirty Rat” have not hit the market in my neck of the woods yet. Brand new to your blog, Great job! I enjoyed!

  15. I am looking forward to the Dirty Rat and since it should be hitting stores anytime now, I won’t have to wait too long. Glad to hear so much positive about them.

  16. Looks like you and I have very similar tastes in cigars! CAO and Drew Estate are at the top of my smoking preferences, each for multiple reasons. Love the Liga’s I’ve had previously, and I cannot wait to try the Dirty Rat.

  17. Dave

    James Cagney would like these and I bet I will too. I can use a hat in this Arizona sun, my wife says it cooks my brains. Nice huh? A hat, a cutter and a Dirty Rat, I’m in!!

  18. Thanks for all the comments! It looks like some people think there’s a Dirty Rat as part of the prize. The cigar included is a Liga Privada T52 Belicoso (new size), not a Dirty Rat. While not quite as awesome as a Rat, it’s still an awesome and hard to find cigar, so the winner shouldn’t be too dissapointed. Keep the comments coming, I’ll close the contest and announce the winner sometime around September 1.

  19. Nathan Zimmerman

    Hey Craig- I’ve not had many Drew Estate cigars (gee…I never had one of those before) but since SS joined the fold a few years ago my interest has been piqued. I like what you’ve done with your pages, keep up the good work. Now that I’m retired I may have to take a road trip…

  20. Duane Holmes

    Another great review and contest, I hope the cat cooperates this time.
    Thanks Craig!!

  21. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    Thanks for the contest! That is one of the coolest hats out right now, and I would “almost” die to have one…as well as that cool Liga Privada cutter and the cigar!!! Please, oh please pick me! By the way, a great review…you always review so fairly! Something hard to find in the “review” world of cigars! Thanks Cigar Craig!!!!

  22. J.A.S.

    thanks for the contest! the T52 is so far my favorite cigar this year; have not tried the Dirty Rat, which I am working on it, but definitively the opportunity to win the Liga Privada/drew Estate stuff is really cool!!

  23. Thanks for the contest! Hope I win.

  24. Kyle Costanzi

    Its not the ring size, its the friends you smoke with!

  25. jimbobber

    I’ve gotta tell ya, I really love your blogsite because your editorial-style delivery of cigar reviews fits well with us mainstream, everyday folks, and is not at all stuffy or pretentious as so many others tend to be. As a bonus, your followers get to reply in kind and it’s all right here, easy to navigate, easy to read, and very helpful to all. Thank you! Venture onward!