The Week’s Cigars: Flor de Gonzales, Cain F – Saturday July 17, 2010

Not too much going on around here cigar-wise this week, but I did manage to get a couple in.  Wednesday I grabbed a Flor de Gonzales 90 Miles Robusto.  I had won a 5 pack of these in a contest on the My Cigar Ashes blog a while back and have been enjoying them here and there.  These are really nice medium cigar that’s quite well made. I only have a couple left from the 5 pack and look forward to seeing how they age.  I looked on the Flor de Gonzalez website and oddly couldn’t find a mention of this relatively new cigar.  I’ll drop them a note to see what’s going on.

Last night, after a really aggravating day at work, I decided to punish….er, treat myself (?) to a Cain F.  I’ve smoked a few of the Cain range, and they all seem to be just too strong for my liking.  I like the flavor, they are very well made, but they just always seem to overwhelm me.  I remember last year stopping into my local tobacconist, JM Cigars, after the IPCPR show and Jeff, the proprietor just couldn’t say enough about these cigars. He said to get rid of all your Cubans, because the Cain is better.  I was dubious at the time, and when I did treat myself to one a month later I could understand the appeal, but it was just too much of a nicotine kick.  I have been a fan of stronger cigars, but Cains are just too much for me.  That being said, I very carefully smoked and enjoyed the Cain F, which had been given to me a few weeks back by Dave Weber, the Oliva National Sales Manager.  It didn’t get to me, but I smoked it almost hesitantly.

In the News

There were several news-worthy events this week that were the subject of just about every blog out there, so I sill only give them a brief mention.

Toraño Cigars have separated from C.A.O. International and is re-taking control of their distribution and re-emerging as Toraño Family Cigars. I always liked the cigars from Toraño, especially the Roots Run Deep cigars that Felipe Sosa rolled at their events.

Also in the news,  the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in favor of General Cigar in the latest round of litigation in the Cohiba® trademark case, affirming that General Cigar is the rightful owner of the Cohiba trademark in the U.S.    I may have to grab a Cohiba for this evening’s walk.  I haven’t smoked very many Cohibas from either party, they always seemed to be priced beyond my comfort level, but I have a couple floating around the humidors.  The question will become which version to grab?

That’s all I got for now!  I’m working on a couple of new ideas that I hope will be entertaining and enlightening, so stay tuned.  Also, I imagine it will be contest time again soon.  By the way, any of my prior contest winners that want to send a photo or leave a comment about your winnings, please feel free.  I may even put up a page with the winners, sort of a hall of fame (which will be as much for me to keep track as anything…)

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