The Sport of Kings with Kings Cigars, a UF-13 and a Reinado Grand Empire Reserve

OK, it’s time to get back on track! Monday was Labor Day, the last Monday holiday that most of us get off for the year, and the unofficial end of summer. Of course, those of us who are in massive denial will swear to you that September 21st is the end of summer, so there’s still 3 weeks left!  Personally, since August was unseasonably cool, I think we need at least another month of summer! What can I say, I like summer!

Monday my wife, her dad and I went to Delaware Park. I don’t mind dropping a couple buck playing the ponies from time to time, especially when I can enjoy a fine cigar in the process.  I selected a King’s Cigars King of Kings, which is their box pressed, 6” x 60, Habano wrapped beauty that Anwar and Pete said I should let rest for a while as they weren’t quite ready yet.  I figured it had been six or seven weeks since I received the cigars, so it was time to try one.  If you recall, we enjoyed spending some time with the guys from Kings at the IPCPR show, and I really enjoyed the Conde Churchill, which has my favorite San Andreas wrapper.  This cigar has a Habano wrapper, Habano Criollo binder and their proprietary filler blend. I had a heck of a time getting this sucker lit, as it was pretty breezy at the track, and once I finally did get it burning well it started to rain!  It rained off and on while we were there, so we spent a few races sitting in the grandstand under the roof. My main complaint about this cigar, it’s one major failing, was that it failed to discourage a couple with two small crying children from sitting directly behind us.  I don’t understand, since the cigar produced copious amounts of smoke, and there were plenty of empty seats in places where crying children wouldn’t be so much of a bother. It’s not like I walked up and parked myself in front of them with my cigar. A smoke billowing cigar should create a buffer zone around oneself in a place like that! I guess there’s the old fart in me coming out…anyway, great smoke, looking forward to revisiting this in another month or two, and the Barons and Condes remaining in the humidor are calling my name.  Nice smokes, nice guys, have no idea what the price points on these are as I haven’t seen them on any local store shelves. My IPCPR interview with the guys from Kings Cigars is here.


LigaPrivada_Serie Unico_UF13When I got home I took the dog for a walk with a Drew Estate Liga Privada Serie Unico UF-13 Dark which came back with me from Nicaragua last May. I may be able to confidently state that this is my favorite among the Unico series, I think I like it a little better than the Dirty Rat, however my sample sizes have been pretty small on the other sizes. It’s a happenin smoke, thats for sure. I always seem to lose the fancy fantail when I pull the cigar from the cello, but that’s OK since it’s coming off anyway.  I appreciate the work that goes into these special cap treatments, but it seems a shame since they get lopped off anyway.  Darned yummy friggin cigar!


Reinado_GER_CGTuesday I grabbed a Reinado Grand Empire Reserve Corona Gorda, which is a new size in the line which was released at the IPCPR show along with the Toro and the Petite Lancero.  This is one of my favorite sizes at 5 5/8” x 46 and punched perfectly with my Screwpop punch.  This dark and oily, rich flavored cigar is described by brand owner Antonio Lam as a flavor bomb, and I couldn’t agree more. I really love the cigars in this line, they really have everything I look for as far as flavor and construction.  I just wish I could get them cheaper!  These are fantastic smokes and if you like the dark side (heavy, dark espresso/cocoa flavors) like I do, seek them out and give them a try. Here’s a video with Antonio from the IPCPR show:

That’s it for now.  I’m going to hunt down something interesting for tonight’s walk and start getting ready for another weekend!  I would love it if every week was a 3 day weekend and a four day work week.  I have to try to find a situation like that.

Until the next time,





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2 Responses to The Sport of Kings with Kings Cigars, a UF-13 and a Reinado Grand Empire Reserve

  1. jjo

    LOL, getting a little crabby since turning 50, eh? You look a little irritated in the photo. 😉 The Kings’ Conde sounds like a nice smoke, and I’ve been wanting to try the Reinados, since I don’t think they’re available around here. Antonio seems like a great guy.

  2. Lloyd L.

    I love the Liga Privada line, although I’ve only smoked the Undercrown and LP#9. I have a Reinado or two stashed away in one of my humi’s but have yet to smoke one. I’ve heard good things about that smoke and I’ll have to pull one out real soon and get a taste of it myself.