The J. Fuego Originals and Citizens for Tobacco Rights

I realize that I’ve gotten everyone used to morning posts, but it’s back to work and back to writing when I can.  I have to admit, I’m experiencing some writer’s block at the moment, so bear with me please.  It’s gotten bitterly cold here in south-east, Pennsylvania, which is not awfully conducive to the proper enjoyment of a cigar.  My normal routine is to take a walk, which usually keeps me moving enough to enjoy a small cigar, as it turns out, the rigors of returning to work after a week plus off has left me without the energy to bother.  That’s my excuse, I’m sticking to it.


Monday I received a call from my brother-in-law, Jeff, who has recently taken to fine cigars.  He’s been picking one up at his local shop in New Jersey, and called me from my local shop while visiting for the holidays.  He wanted some inexpensive “everyday” cigars, and wanted my advice.  Oddly, on my last visit to the shop the previous Friday, I failed to really take a good look through the humidor.  I was able to direct him to the National Brand bundles, which happened to be in the same place I remembered thme being. Since he really enjoyed the Acid Kuba Kuba I gave him, and had been enjoying working his way through the Alec Bradley range, I figured they’d be a good bet.  I’ve certainly enjoyed my fair share of National Brand maduros, and I hope he likes them too.  Naturally, since he was in the area, I invited him over for a smoke.  I had picked up a pack of the Jesus Fuego Sangre de Toro Originals while I was at the shop Friday.  I had been offered a sample at the IPCPR show by Jesus, but I never managed to get one for one reason or another.  I had enjoyed the heck out of the robusto in this blend, so I figured for $12.95 for five cigars I had to try them.  I’ll eventually try the other two blends in this size as it seems to be a very good “winter” size.  I really enjoyed the cigar.  Great flavor, the mold-less old style shape is fun and burned well, and I can’t wait to smoke another one.  That may be my equivalent to a “10” or whatever rating scale one uses.  Very good smokes.  I gave Jeff a Maria Mancini Magic Mountain to try which he enjoyed.  That’s a hard cigar to beat and they can be purchased for around $2.50 a piece if you find yourself in a JR store.


In the “Editorial” department, I wanted to encourage everyone to sign up at Citizens for Tobacco Rights, which is sponsored by Philip Morris USA. Now, I understand that this site is not cigar specific, and is provided by a cigarette company, but the challenges we face as cigar smokers certainly run parallel to those of our other tobacco product using brethren.  So far I’ve received no unwanted e-mail from them, and found no reason not to add my name to their numbers. Registration is free and they provide many of the same tools as Cigar Rights of America and IPCPR for contacting your elected officials. It can’t hurt to take every opportunity we have to have our voices heard as our rights are being eroded. Please write to your senator and congressman about the FDA issue too, there’s a link in my sidebar to enter your zip code and take you to a pre-writen letter you can send.  It really will be a problem if the FDA is allowed to regulate cigars.  Our hobby and passion will be ruined at best, and criminalized at worst.


I guess I did OK considering I had no clue what I was going to write about. Please let me know what you think in the comments, and feel free to share your smoking experiences as well!


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10 Responses to The J. Fuego Originals and Citizens for Tobacco Rights

  1. Swede214

    Graig, you did good, since you had nothing to say in the beginning. The Jesus Fuego’s are good, I really liked them. Good information.

  2. jjo

    I’ll have to pick up on some Sangre de Toro Originals since I really enjoy the Origens in that size (the Gran Reserva #1, not quite as much).

    I hope your brother-in-law knows what he’s getting himself into lol! I’ve been helping my nephew broaden his horizons as well.

    Craig, didn’t you win some Maldonado Dynasty’s from Daniel? Have you tried them, and if so, what do you think of them? I’m really impressed with them myself.

  3. I have been sampling the Alec Bradley line also… Have not found one I didn’t like yet…
    especially the prices…
    Long Ashes, Bill C.

  4. Agent 86

    Excellent info Craig.

  5. Agent 86

    Oops hit submit too soon.

    My only issue is that the CRA and every other organization seems to have written Montana off completely. If my financial situation was better I’d get an ambassadorship and start talking to some of my friends in politics here, but for some reason nobody fought against the draconian rules imposed here.

    The state Tavern Association sold out for outdoor smoking shelters that still have not been built three years later. Obviously a blatant payoff by our anti-smoking lunatics.

  6. Agent 86

    Signed up for the Citizens for Tobacco Rights, and as I feared, they are only concerned with the taxes. Those are bad enough, but the insane restrictions on smoking are what’s killing business in this state right now.

  7. Lloyd L.

    Keep encouraging your readers to get involved in the fight to prevent the FDA from regulating the cigar industry. We can no longer sit by the wayside waiting for someone else to fight for our rights. I’ve written my Senator and Congressman (using the CRA template). It only takes a couple of minutes. We need to preserve our freedom to smoke cigars!

  8. Paul

    I encourage everyone to take the time and write their congressman – the CRA template is very easy to use and gets your voice out there. Big Brother seems to be getting BIGGER!

  9. Tad Smith

    I love the fact that everyone has different flavors they like and dislike. I am a fan of the J. Fuego Originals except for the fact they are $25 in my local B&M. As for the AB, unlike PatriotGeek, I have not found one I liked. That is what makes this hobby fun!

  10. Kip

    Hmmm….I’ve been wondering about those Sangre de Toros myself. They’ve been eyeballing me from my local shop’s shelf for a while. I think I might have to go and pick some up and give them a try myself.

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