Take A Cigar For A Walk with Tommy Berry, Jr.: Acid Kuba Kuba, Montecristo, Diesel

Here’s a couple of “Take A Cigar For A Walk” installments from Tommy:

Well hello fellow cigar smokers! This past weekend, I took the opportunity to enjoy a recently purchased Acid Kuba Kuba. I was sitting on my front porch, enjoying the warm weather and this great smoke, when it dawned on me…what am I doing…sitting! So, I got up…at the point where you see my cigar in the photo and began to walk. I loved every minute of it. It was mid-afternoon…hot and loads of humidity. But, that is one sure way to lose some weight! So, I ended up walking for about 60 minutes while enjoying the Kuba Kuba. Now, I don’t care for many flavored cigars, but I really like the infused collection of Acid. The Kuba Kuba starts off very sweet. The flavors are then switched around between several noticeable spices and sweet tones. You’d really have to try one as I can never explain the actual “infused flavors” as Acid takes these to a whole new level. This cigar burned evenly throughout and I only had to relight one time. I think that was due to me not puffing on it often enough as I walked briskly. Overall, the Kuba Kuba was a new one to me but I enjoyed every minute of it…I would highly recommend you try this one.

Boot camp is going well, I have lost a total of 21lbs to date but I am feeling a lot of difference in my energy, my strength, and a lot of this has to do with my modified diet as well. I have a goal to get from where I started at 326 to 185. That is a big goal, so I am taking it one day at a time. I have had some slip ups on my eating, but my trainer and fellow recruits have really helped push me to stay on course. The TACFAW really helps give me the extra cardio that I need to sustain weight loss and keep moving forward. Signing up for this has definitely been one of the best things I could have done…in a long time!

It looks like we may get to close on our new home sometime next week…my fingers are staying crossed and hopefully I will have more to give on this come the next entry.

Most importantly, make sure that you are staying at it if you too are taking a cigar for a walk. Craig is doing awesome, and now I want to hear your stories too! Be sure to comment often on your success and even failures as myself and others may can help you stay on track to a better, fitter you…all the while enjoying your passion of a great cigar!

Long ashes to ya!

Tommy Berry, Jr.”


I enjoyed a Montecristo Peruvian Buena Fortuna Maduro on a walk last night, thanks to waterboy…a friend of mine over at General Cigar’s website. I took my little dog with me so he too could enjoy the breeze (and we both needed the exercise!). This particular cigar came out of an 8 pack of two different cigars that “JR Cigars” offers in a small hard case “shopping bag”. This was my first time to smoke such a cigar and I have to say that I loved every minute of it. It was a great smoke, full of flavor, stayed lit the entire walk and burned perfectly. I tend to lean towards these sizes (5×47) and I was able to smoke it for about 45 minutes, a little short on the smoke time but still well worth it. The hints of coffee and “woods” that came from this also peppery smoke was a pleasant surprise indeed.

The walk was great and it ended my Father’s Day on a great note. I bought me some new shoes last week for boot camp, some Sketchers Shape Ups…which drove me to another walk last night, where I normally, on a Sunday would have just stayed home. I have to say that I love these shoes!

Anyway, I hope you are able to get out the door and on the sidewalk to enjoy a great cigar with a little exercise. Let us know…

Coming soon, I plan on doing a contest for other fellow TACFAW “players”…more details later!

Long ashes to ya!

Tommy Berry, Jr.


The last Kuba Kuba I smoked was a maduro in Nicaragua and it was the last cigar of the day (about the 8th).  It was not a bad cigar!  Once the saccharine sweetness on the wrapper disappeared, that is.  The Kuba Kuba is probably one of Drew Estate‘s best selling cigars, and I recall Marvin Samel telling a story of hearing that Johnny Depp was seen buying some Kuba Kuba’s and passing them out on a movie set and Marvin sent him a box.  There was a similar story about Steven Tyler.  Also, there was a news article about the Cuban government suing Drew Estate over the use of Kuba in the name.  How many of us ever thought the Acid Kuba Kuba might be a Havana cigar?  Pretty laughable….

I took a Diesel Unholy Cocktail for about a 2 mile walk last night that Tommy very kindly sent me a few weeks ago.  It was a fine cigar, I really like the flavor of the Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper.  This one could have produced more smoke, but it was enjoyable none the less, and I deeply appreciate the gift!  Thanks to Tommy for the cigar and for your contributions!  As nice as it is to lounge around with a nice cigar, it doesn’t hurt to do some walking along with it.  I keep thinking about my visit to the Vulcan Masaya volcano in Nicaragua and how I probably would have struggled with the 177 steps to the observation area had I not been a fairly avid walker.

Don’t forget we have a contest going where someone can win a box of Oja Meztizo Artefactos courtesy of Luis of Oja Cigars!  Submit a patriotic picture link in the comments of the last post (http://www.cigarcraig.com/?p=1892) for a chance to win!  Also, pay a visit to Stogieboys.com and check out their selection.

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  1. DB

    Also a huge fan of the Kuba Kuba. That is my golfing cigar of choice. Kinda like talking a cigar on a really long, frustrating, walk! Living overseas I have found the Kuba Kuba’s and other Acid cigar blends to be a taboo topic. Too many cigar lovers here are only cuban purest…It’s a shame because they are definatly missing out of something unique. I am out, but will look for picking up another box when I return to the USA shortly.