Take A Cigar For A Walk: Tommy Takes a Diesel for a Walk

While I’m busy packing up for Cigar Safari,  Tommy Berry is filling in with another installment in the “Take A Cigar For A Walk” series:

“Man, how I love the fact that others have begun to take a cigar for a walk! This week, I will share one occurrence with you where I took along an old favorite…that did the job again! I walked Sunday night with a Diesel Unlimited. I love these smokes so much, that I was really not willing to smoke it while walking…but I have to say that I enjoyed the smoke even more! The Diesels are full bodied, and it really helped this particular walk as I had had several days with no walking…a good “pick me up!” Anyway, the woodsy taste of this smoke was really noticeable during the walk,. It burned very nicely (as they all have for me while walking) and I was very pleased that I never had to stop and correct any burning issues or relight…I was able to just keep on trucking…getting in a hard 75 minute walk.

I want to share with you that I have noticed on some other walks where I took along a “not so favorite” cigar…that it was really a drag! If I am smoking something I don’t care too much for…then I am not as motivated to keep on trucking. So my advice to myself…and you…smoke what you like and don’t bother smoking “throwaways”! this is to be pleasurable…walking has never been fun for me…but it is now with a great cigar!

Long “walking” ashes to ya! –Tommy”


Another fine cigar sacrificed for the sake of fitness!  I love the Diesel Unholy Cocktail, I’ll have to try the Unlimited one of these days.  There are those who would recommend against smoking as a part of a fitness regimen, but I say if something works to motivate someone to do something healthy it can’t be bad.  Walt at StogieReview.com recently wrote an article about cigars as a motivational tool (here) and I’d like to thank him for the mention and encourage him and anyone else who’s following to keep walking!

Time for me to get ready to head off to Cigar Country, Keep up the good work Tommy and thank you for contributing!

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